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   Chapter 547 Grand Wedding (Part Two)

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Joe pointed at the huge wedding photo and said,"Mommy, Miss Amy, the wedding photo of Uncle Wilson and Aunt Selina is really beautiful."

Amy smiled and said,"Yes, your Uncle Wilson is handsome and your Aunt Selina is beautiful." Wilson and Selina did make a perfect couple and even kid began to admire them."

Joe asked innocently,"Miss Amy, you and Uncle Derek are also so perfect with each other. When are you getting married?" Joe looked on, adorably, waiting for an answer from Amy.

Amy replied,"Maybe after several weeks." They had to wait till Selina and Wilson's wedding was through. Plus, truth be told, they hadn't really spoken about getting married. Derek hadn't brought it up.

Cherry looked at the expression on Amy's face and immediately knew what she was thinking of. She figured that Amy and Derek had never talked about this matter before.

Cherry gently said to Joe,"Joe, I think you have gotten yourself enough red packets for today. Now put a break to this and after a few days Uncle Derek will give you a red packet, okay?"

Joe replied, happily showing off his pockets that were full of money. He said,"Yes Mommie! Uncle Wilson and Aunt Selina also gave me some red packets. And even Grandpa and Grandma gave me a red packet. Look!" he proudly showed.

His happiness put a smile on Cherry's face too and she told him kindly,"Yes Joe. Your Grandma and Grandpa love you. Your Aunt Selina and Uncle Wilson also love you a lot and so in the future you should live up to their expectations."

To which, Joe replied firmly,"Yes,

day, many important politics have come to this wedding here and I think we should seize this opportunity and meet them."

Jackson took a swig of red wine and put the glass on the table in front of him. He glanced at Cherry and Joe and felt relieved after he saw her smile. Then he looked at Derek again and said,"Yes. Let's go and talk to them in a bit."

Derek said,"Okay." He looked at Mond and suggested they go together.

Mond turned this offer down respectfully. He did not have any work with the people he was seeing today because he had no intention of working from the same city. So these people were useless to him at all.

Derek looked at Jackson and wanted to see how he would react.

Jackson said,"Then please take care of Cherry and Joe for me. I'll go with Derek there." The only concern for him was Cherry. Since Mond was reluctant to go, he didn't want to force Mond to go there. So the only thing left to be done by him was to request Mond to take care of Cherry and his son.

Mond replied,"Okay. No problem."

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