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   Chapter 546 Grand Wedding (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-01-21 10:34

Through the laughter, Amy said,"Cherry, you must go to bed early and rest."

Cherry nodded in agreement and said,"You both drive carefully."

Jackson also said,"Drive carefully."

Derek nodded and said,"Yes I will. Goodbye."

Saying this, they got in the car and drove to Amy's house.

When they reached, Amy didn't get down from the car and instead looked at Derek and asked,"So, are you going to go back to your place tonight?"

Derek gently took her hand in his and said,"Do you want me to leave?"

Amy shook her head. She didn't want Derek to leave anymore, she wanted to be with him every minute.

So Derek smiled,"Then I don't have to leave. I'll stay with you tonight."

Amy laughed and happily said,"Then let's go home."

Derek saw how childish Amy got when she was happy. Pleased, he got out of the car and walked.

At night, as the two of them were lying in bed, Derek looked at Amy tenderly. He wanted to tell her something but didn't know how to.

Amy realised that Derek was lost in deep thought. She lifted her head to get a good look at his face and couldn't help noticing how handsome and perfect his face was.

Looking deeply into Derek's eyes, Amy asked,"What's the matter? Is anything wrong?"

Derek was surprised at the question,"So you've noticed?" He blushed a little at how easily Amy knew that something was troubling him.

Amy felt his nervousness and tried to comfort him,"Go ahead and tell me, why are you so scared?" She wondered if he had been unfaithful to her.

Derek rolled over the other side of the bed and reached out o

such a fancy and posh wedding, surrounded by such beauty and to be marrying sucha wonderful guy.

Amy could not stop looking at all the decorations around her, and she said,"Cherry, this is so beautiful."

Cherry agreed. She said,"My wedding was extremely grand and yet, it was nothing compared to this extravaganza.:

Amy said,"Yes, good weddings evolve. They get different as years pass. But I must say, your mother and your uncle have done a brilliant job with this. They have made arrangements at home and at a hotel, so it will be a lot more easier for everyone." Amy truly admired Wilson had a good father and aunt. With their elaborate arrangement, the whole wedding was perfect.

Cherry agreed,"Yes, to hold wedding for Selina, my Mom and Uncle has mindfully prepared for this wedding. They really like Selina and I believe Selina will live a happy and sweet life in our family." She also felt very happy. As long as her Uncle and Mommy was healthy and Wilson and Selina loved each other, she would have nothing to be worried about them.

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