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   Chapter 545 Infant Matrimony (Part Two)

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Meanwhile, Cherry and Jackson also got up from their seat to greet Amy. Cherry looked at his son's teacher and asked tenderly,"So Amy, how is Joe doing in class? Is he making progress?"

"Yes Cherry, Joe is doing pretty well. He is a diligent boy and a quick learner. I'm sure he'll do well. In fact, I have planned to arrange piano grading tests for him, once he joins primary school." Amy looked at the boy lovingly and thought how good he was at playing the piano. All he needed was keen attention and a lot of practice and he could do big things.

"That sounds awesome! Thank you so much Amy!" gushed Cherry. The news of her son doing so well had an immediate effect on her mood.

"Aww, Cherry, please don't mention it. And don't shower me with all these formalities. It feels like I am a stranger in this house," Amy said hastily. She and Cherry had been such close friends for so long, it was almost like she was family.

Derek echoed Amy's sentiment,"Absolutely Cherry. Joe is my sworn son and I love him like he was my own son. If something is good for his future, we will do everything we can to make it happen."

Cherry glanced at Jackson and looked back at the couple. "Alright, if there is no need for thanks, then I won't say it."

"Cherry, it feels as if you still think of us as strangers and not as family. You need to grow up and stop acting like a child!" Derek said playfully.

"Derek, if you don't behave, I will give you a good spanking, too," said Cherry, playfully pretending to scold Derek as if he was a child.

"Hah, well okay," Derek turned to face the other side, offering his cheek to Cherry. He knew that Cher

s adorable, because he didn't understand the playful banter and instead thought that someone was going to snatch JC group away from his Daddy.

Cherry put her hand gently on Joe's head and said,"Of course my son. JC Group is yours, okay? Nobody will take it from you."

"Haha, oh, Joe! Take it easy, alright? Nobody is going to dare to try and take JC Group away from you," said Amy.

"I am willing to give JC Group only to my brother or sister. But if I have to give it to my his or her spouse, then I'll have to think about it properly." Joe was now speaking directly to Derek. He had heard Derek say that he would not give up JS Group to his sibling, so then why should he hand over his Group to someone else.

"Joe, how about this? How about I give JS Group to your sister?" Derek said to Joe gently. He was impressed by the boy's smartness and his attitude of not giving up.

"Then I will give up JC Group to my brother-in-law!" Joe was smiling again at the thought of it.

"Alright then. Deal done,"

said Derek. Everybody laughed till their stomachs hurt and their eyes watered.

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