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   Chapter 542 Happy Laughter In The Living Room (Part One)

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On their return home, Cherry turned to Lily and said,"I don't feel like having any dinner. Please go ahead and just make some for Joe and Jackson, will you?"

Lily gave her a concerned look and said,"Oh no, my lady! You must eat something. What if you feel hungry at midnight and there's nothing to eat?" Lily knew that this wasn't unusual. She thought to herself that pregnant women feel hungry at random hours. But then, if Cherry felt hungry later, there would only be cold food. And in her condition, she should be having food that is freshly cooked and hot. Cold food could harm her and the baby.

Cherry understood Lily's concerns and agreed to eat a little. Although she had no appetite, she realised she had to eat something for the sake of the baby.

So Cherry turned to Lily and said,"Could you cook some porridge for me then? I don't feel like having anything else."

Lily was happy to hear that. She turned around and started walking towards the kitchen,"Hot porridge, coming right up my lady."

At the dinner table, Jackson immersed himself into lovingly feeding the porridge to Cherry. While Joe looked on, he noticed that his father had barely eaten a single bite, because he was so busy trying to make Cherry eat.

This made Joe very happy. It was nice to see his parents caring for each other so much. "Dad, you're amazing!" he said as he ate his food.

Cherry's heart burst with love and she blushed at Jackson's affection for her. But composing herself, she put on a stern look and firmly told Joe,"No talking while eating, Joe. Finish your food."

"Okay got it, mom," Joe said. He immediately lowered his head and began eating.

Cherry saw that only a little porridge was left in her bowl, but Jackson's food lay untouched in his plate. He was so busy feeding her that he hadn't eaten. Taking the bowl from him she sa

better than to displease her!"

While the four of them chatted, Lily came into the room with four glasses of water. It was nice to see them all so merry.

As she reached out to take her glass of water, Amy looked at Lily and said,"Thank you for taking such good care of Cherry during her pregnancy Lily. You're doing a fabulous job of it!" And there was complete truth in her words. Nobody could ever find faults with the humble and loving maid's behaviour ever.

Handing the glass to Amy, Lily replied,"Oh Miss Amy, you flatter me. Thank you for the kind words, but I like taking care of my lady. It is my duty to care for her and protect her."

"But still, thank you," said Amy as she drank some water.

Derek jokingly commented,"Jackson, where did you find such a dutiful servant? Help me find a loyal maid for my home too. It is so difficult nowadays to find someone trustworthy."

Jackson immediately replied,"Well, I am of little help here. Lily is like family to us and she intends to stay here with us and work. So don't you dare try and take her away from here Derek."

Taken aback, Derek stammered a little, as he looked at Lily and asked,"You... have you really... decided to serve them and stay here, Lily?"

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