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   Chapter 539 Sweet Call (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5234

Updated: 2019-01-20 08:45

She remembered the day her parents were taken away clearly. Dozens of men wearing military uniforms showed up at her home to take her parents into custody. When they were trying to drag her parents off, Sally blocked them to try and keep them away from her mom and dad. However, two tall men grabbed her hands and ripped her from her parents. After that, she was left crying on the floor while her parents were dragged off. Seeing the desperation in her mother's eyes, Sally struggled to take her hand, but it slipped through her grasp. It never crossed her mind that would be the last time she saw them.

Later, when the military men returned for her, Jackson showed up and she hid behind him crying. Jackson held her hand and consoled her, telling her everything would be okay. Back then, she had faith in Jackson, and put her life in his hands. She knew Jackson would do his best to keep her safe. He was the only one she could rely on.

And later, Jackson did save her, at a cost she didn't know, which was why she was still alive. She could still hear Jackson promising to wait for her while he held her hands.

But, by the time Sally returned, Jackson loved Cherry and had made her his wife. If not for that, Sally knew she could admire Cherry or even have been her friend. Cherry must be quite an admirable woman or Jackson wouldn't have fallen in love her. Unfortunately, since Cherry was Jackson's wife, Sally couldn't be friendly to her. Instead, Sally envied Cherry and tried to take revenge on her. Jackson was everything to Sally, and he was the one s

ayfully teased,"You aren't even married to me yet, and here you are talking to me like a wife."

"Wilson, you are such a bully! I will tell uncle and aunt that you bully me tonight," Selina returned in an air of anger while giggling inside.

"No, don't do that!" Wilson said hurriedly,"My dad and aunt are partial to you, and I have become less important. They used to dote on Joe, but you are the favored one now."

"I'm glad you know that. Don't bully me again," said Selina chuckling.

"Okay, okay! I yield, you win. I never meant to bully you," Wilson replied,"I will pick you up at the office when you get off."

"That sounds good, it just so happens, I asked my secretary to take my car in for maintenance today. So, you'll have to be responsible for picking me up until our wedding day," Selina cheerfully informed Wilson.

"No problem! I will be your personal driver from today. You can call me at any time and I'll be there for you," Wilson replied confidently.

"Well then, see you later!" Selina returned sweetly.

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