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   Chapter 538 Sweet Call (Part One)

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When Sally looked into the cold depths of Mond's eyes and knew he wasn't joking, she kept quiet.

After a long pause, Sally opened her mouth,"Fine, I agree. I will leave tomorrow."

"You've made a wise choice," finally getting what he wanted, Mond nodded his approval as he responded.

"But, you need to know something before I go," Sally said frowning. Since seeing that woman yesterday, Sally hadn't been able to stop thinking of the woman's face, nor shake off the bad feeling she had.

"What is it?" asked Mond.

Sally was entangled in her thoughts, stuck in the events of the day before replay over and over again. She stated,"You remember the woman who took Jackson away? That woman knows what happened to our families years ago."

Mond was taken by surprise at Sally's utterance, and left his mind in a flurry with questions, 'Sally must be referring to what happened to the He and An Families. But?? Who could she be though? And, how could this woman, whoever she is, know anything about what happened?'

Since Mond didn't respond, Sally gave a stern look as she said,"Look, Mond, as far as I know, you are the only one aside from my family, the An and the Chu Families who know what happened, okay? But I am telling you that woman knows too!"

Mond shrugged, asking the most obvious question,"Well, did she live in the military residential compound?" Thinking of the events, who would have known and what those people might have learned, Mond decided, 'The only explanation for this would be, that she grew up in the military residential compoun

she won't be able to hurt you. As for me..." Mond paused, and then went on,"I'm not associated with her, and I don't know her, so it'll be impossible for her to get her hands on me. So don't worry."

Looking at Mond's calm expression, Sally didn't say anything more.

The next morning, Sally arrived at the airport. She wore a khaki trench coat, and strolled up to the security checkpoint carrying her luggage. An advertisement on the wall caught her attention.

The ad was for infant formula. The picture was of a mother carrying her baby and depicted motherly love, which broke Sally's heart.

She stopped and stood in front of the oversized picture. Her sunglasses hid her reddened eyes as tears trickled from under the rims and down her cheeks.

Sally thought about her parents. Years ago, she was too young to understand her parents had committed a crime. She was told they had leaked confidential information. In her eyes though, her parents were honest and good people. She wouldn't have believed they could make any mistakes.

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