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   Chapter 535 Father And Son's Conversation

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Jackson left immediately after he put on his clothes.

While he drove on his way home, Jackson couldn't keep his mind off the possible people who rescued him. 'Who could it be? But it looks like they don't want me to know their identity or they would have been there when I woke up, ' Jackson told himself. 'I need to be careful. Cherry is pregnant. If I do something to anger them, they might hurt Cherry. Nothing can happen to her. I need to keep her safe.'

'I will discover them sooner or later. I'm a good observer. I will know who they are eventually, ' Jackson was curious and worried but he made a promise to himself. 'But for now, Cherry is my priority. I failed to be there for her and Joe and I won't fail her again. I will make her feel happy and secure. I don't want to break her heart anymore.'

When he got home, the first floor was dark. No lights were turned on. Cherry must be already asleep in their bedroom upstairs.

Jackson turned on a few wall lamps to light his way as he ascended the stairs to the second floor.

He pushed open their bedroom door inch by inch and discovered the desk lamp was still on. He smiled at the sight of sleeping Cherry on the bed.

Jackson laid himself on the bed and wrapped his arms around Cherry.

Cherry stirred awake. "Jackson, did you just get here? It's so late," Cherry murmured, unable to keep her eyes open. She moaned as she breathed in Jackson's scent.

Jackson kissed Cherry's forehead. "I had to deal with some problems, Babe. I'm sorry I kept you waiting." Jackson hugged Cherry tighter.

"It's okay, honey. I was just wondering. I tried to wait for you but I was so sleepy. And I fell asleep early," Cherry replied.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Jackson. She took in his beautiful eyes, his muscular jaw, and his full lips. She would never get tired of looking at his face. She always felt secure with Jackson.

Jackson kissed Cherry on the top of her head. "You don't need to wait for me. Sleep if you're tired. You need to take care of yourself and our baby." Jackson reminded her as he stroked her hair.

"Yes, Babe," Cherry answered. She inched closer to Jackson and continued,"Joe wanted to wait for you, too, but he fell asleep even earlier than me."

"My silly babies. Don't tire yourself out too much. If you need to rest, just rest. Promise me you'll do that? Both of you?" Jackson requested.

"Yes, I promise," Cherry nodded at Jackson. "Is everything okay at the bar now?" she asked.

Cherry assumed Jackson was at the bar because of the late hour.

"Everything's fine. You know I can handle any problem that comes our way. Don't worry about it. Do you doubt my capabilities?" Jackson joked.

"Of course not," Cherry replied. She always had faith in Jackson and knew he could take care of any problem.

"You always worry about

oy, he'd welcome the chance to have another son. If the baby were a girl, he would be even happier. He assumed that she would be as pretty as her mother and he would have no problems looking for a good husband for her eventually.

Joe was confused about Jackson's answer. "But, Daddy, you have to choose," Joe reiterated. He wondered, 'How can Daddy not care about the baby? Would the baby exist without his sperm? No. But Daddy doesn't care. Is he really my daddy and our baby's daddy?'

"It doesn't matter what I choose, Joe. The most important thing here is that Mommy is safe," Jackson reminded Joe. Jackson spoke with conviction, to let Joe know what was more important.

"But me and the baby, we won't be here without Mommy and Daddy," Joe whined. Joe's lips began to quiver. "But Mommy pays more attention to me and I learn more from her."

"That's not a nice thing to say to your Daddy, Joe," Joe reprimanded his son. "How do you know that anyway?" Jackson was still shocked whenever his son spoke. His genius mind kept saying the most incredible thoughts and he wasn't sure where it came from. It's hard to believe these words all came from a five-year-old boy. If Cherry were there, she'd knew exactly what to say.

"I am a genius, Daddy. That's what Mommy calls me, Genius Joe," Joe answered. Joe took the last bite of his food and stood up off his chair. He was leaving the dining room while saying to Jackson,"Dear Daddy, Genius Joe is now leaving for school. See you later, Daddy!"

"Don't let that get to your head, my boy," Jackson shouted at Joe's back.

"I can brag because Mommy's not here, Daddy. But when she's back, I will be a good boy again," Joe smiled at Jackson before he left for school.

When he heard the door close behind Joe, Jackson breathed out a sigh of relief. He returned his attention to his already cold breakfast and waiting newspaper.

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