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   Chapter 534 Regain Consciousness

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When Sally got over the shock, she ran to the hall to look for her phone. She struggled to dial Mond's number as her hands trembled.

Mond answered on the third ring.

"Mond, Mond, Jackson is gone. He was taken away," Sally cried incoherently, terrified inwardly.

"What are you talking about?" Mond asked. 'What happened? Who had taken him away?" Mond's mind raced a mile a minute with all the questions in his head.

"Jackson came to me, and I drugged him," Sally recounted to Mond the events from last night. She paused as her hands continued to shake uncontrollably. She continued after she took a few deep breaths,"Then this woman broke into the room with those two tall men and they took Jackson away."

"Sally, how could you..." Mond stammered through gritted teeth. Mond now knew what Sally's intention was and he should tell her off. But he was mostly worried about Jackson's safety now.

"Where did they take him?" Mond interrogated Sally.

"I have no idea," Sally stammered.

"She gave a card to one of the men. I think it's from a hotel," Sally remembered.

Sally wasn't sure if the card was from a hotel room. But it looked like it.

"Okay, got it," Mond replied before he hung up.

Sally grasped her phone even after Mond hung up. Her knees buckled down and she collapsed on the floor.

Hellen Wu fitted her wireless headset on her ear while she drove and called on the phone.

"Did everything go as planned?" A familiar feminine voice answered on the other line.

"Yes, don't worry, Auntie. It's done. Jackson is at the hotel and the footage in the hotel has been erased. Even if Jackson tried to investigate, he won't find anything," Hellen assured the person on the other line.

"Did she recognize you?" the woman demanded from Hellen.

"No. I distracted her. I mentioned her father's name and she couldn't stop thinking about him. She didn't have time to figure out who I was," Hellen deduced. She loathed Sally. What a disgusting attempt to get a man. Hellen hated dirty women like Sally.

"Go home. Rest. And don't go out. We can't risk having anyone else recognize you," the woman commanded.

"Of course, Auntie," Hellen agreed. "By the way, Auntie, that woman was going to sleep with..." Hellen continued.

The woman interrupted Hellen.

"Enough. We don't need to gossip," the woman retorted with anger in her voice.

"I'm on the way home," Hellen answered.

Mond ordered his men to look for Jackson. He had already checked all the hotels in the city for him.

But he couldn't find Jackson. So he called Derek for help.

"Mond?" Derek answered his phone after he recovered from the shock that Mond was calling him.

"Jackson's gone. I need you to ask your connections to find him," Mond

," Jackson answered. "If they hadn't, I don't know what would have happened. If something happened between me and Sally, how can I explain that to Cherry? I can't do anything to upset her, especially when she's pregnant," Jackson stated.

"Yeah, that's true," Derek nodded in deep thought. "But who saved you? And they deleted the footage. Whoever did this wants something from you," he continued.

Derek tried to think of who could do this to Jackson. But, if they wanted something from Jackson, they should have stayed here and waited for Jackson to wake up.

Jackson read his mind. "Maybe they didn't want to do it for money."

Jackson couldn't think of anyone. But he's still glad. He was relieved somebody helped him get out of Sally's trap. He can't afford to lose Cherry again.

"Maybe," Derek echoed.

Jackson wanted the conversation to end so he changed the subject,"Mond and I are on better terms now."

Derek nodded. "I noticed that. He was really anxious and concerned when he called me up. I'm happy for you two. I'm glad he's finally let go of his anger."

"We need to take better care of him. He's our friend now," Jackson proposed. 'Derek and I are Mond's big brothers now, so we need to look after him, ' he thought.

"Of course. I am happy to that," Derek replied. He was the one who told Cherry about Jackson and Mond's relationship and Cherry wanted them to be at peace. And now she succeeded.

"I'm glad to hear that," Jackson patted Derek's shoulder. "Can I borrow your car? I need to go home and see Cherry. And please get my car back from Sally's. I'll send you the address"

"Alright fine. I know Cherry and Joe are the most important people to you," Derek handed his car keys to Jackson.

"I'll go ahead. Text me," Derek rose and hugged Jackson.

"I will, thanks," Jackson replied.

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