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   Chapter 533 Recalling The Past

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Sally hooked Jackson's arm around her shoulder and they staggered towards the bed.

She dropped Jackson carefully on the bed. When she got a glimpse of Jackson's handsome face, her heart skipped a beat at the sight and she couldn't help but caress his face with her hand.

"Jackson, do you have any idea how much I love you? I'm back because I want to be with you forever. Can't you love me as much as I love you?" Sally lamented.

Even though Jackson was drugged, he could still feel another hand on his face. His mind willed his hand to swat it away but his hand won't move.

He tried to open his eyes but his eyelids were too heavy. He tried a few more times but still failed. He moved his fingers and felt the bed under him.

An image of Cherry flashed in his mind. "Cherry, baby," Jackson cried.

Sally's face paled when she heard Cherry's name. The drug knocked out Jackson but she couldn't understand how Jackson still remembered Cherry and even looked for her.

Sally laid beside Jackson and whispered in his ear,"It's me, baby, it's Sally. Don't you remember me?"

Jackson heard Sally's voice and knew it wasn't Cherry's.

"Sally?" Jackson guessed. He tried to push her away from him. He doesn't want anyone but Cherry beside him.

"Yes, Jackson, it's me!" Sally turned his face to face hers. "I love you, Jackson. I've never stopped loving you!"

Sally was wrapped up in Jackson that she didn't hear the door open.

Hellen Wu entered the room, followed by two men.

While her claret-red hair covered her face and clothed in black tight-fitting clothes, Hellen stood tall inside the room. She may be a tiny woman but stood taller than the two men with her, garbed in dark blue clothes.

Hellen Wu stood her ground by the doorway, her hands on her hips. She kept her eyes on Sally on top of Jackson on the bed. Her aunt, Lily Wu was right. Jackson was in danger.

Hellen cleared her throat. "Sally He."

"Jackson?" Sally thought she heard Jackson say her name. Sally gently slapped Jackson's cheek. "Jackson, did you just say my name?"

Hellen realized Sally did not hear her. She breathed out hot air from her nose. 'What a bitch!' she thought.

She stomped nearer and demanded through gritted teeth and a loud voice,"Have you no shame, to do something as indecent as this?"

Sally finally heard Hellen. She jerked her head towards the door and found Hellen and the two men inside the room.

Sally scrambled off Jackson and stood by the bed to face Hellen.

note when Hellen stopped. She pretended not to notice because she wanted answers.

Hellen faced and stared down Sally. "Because only those who grew up in army residential compound know these things? What about Mond? Did he grew up in the army residential compound also?"

"You know Mond?" Sally was shocked. There weren't a lot of people who knew Mond's past. In fact, if Mond didn't come for her, she would not know either. How did this woman know? How did she know so much?

Helen smirked. She asked Sally,"Isn't his life story interesting? Bastard child of the Chu family. I'm afraid people will associate him with that title his entire life."

Bastard child? Sally shivered. If Mond were here, he would not take this humiliation standing up. He was a proud person and he would not allow this woman to embarrass him like this.

Sally stayed silent and hoped her silence could encourage Hellen to share more.

"Miss Sally, if you want to stay in this city, then be on your best behavior. Don't make trouble. If not, you only have two choices, leave and stay alive, or die in my hands." Hellen turned on her heel and left.

Sally let out the breath she held when Hellen's back was no longer in her sight and the door slammed shut. She collapsed on the floor.

Her mind was in a jumble! In such a short time, so much had happened. She brought Jackson to this room, and this woman showed up, took Jackson, and threatened her.What was she going to do to her? What was she going to do to Jackson? Would Jackson be safe from her?

Sally then remembered her father. Oh, how she missed him! She was his most beloved daughter and her father loved her so much.

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