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   Chapter 527 Face Life Bravely (Part Two)

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Jackson fell silent at Cherry's insistent tone.

"You could have them give her a general check-up, and if the results are good, you can take her home," Mond suggested when he saw Jackson's concern.

Jackson nodded in agreement.

When the Doctor came to give Cherry a check-up, Jackson, Mond, and Joe waited out in the corridor impatiently.

"What about Jean?" Mond asked, wanting to hear Jackson's thoughts.

"I have no idea, yet. All I want for now is to know she is safe. I have no time to think beyond that," Jackson stated, looking at the door where the doctor was examining Cherry. He was apprehensive, and until he knew she was fine, he wouldn't be able to focus on other matters.

Mond stared at the closed door too and suggested,"Leave the matter to me. After all, Jean was with me for a long time. Let me do this for her."

Jackson shifted his gaze staring at Mond, unsure how to respond. Even though he understood how Mond felt, he had misgivings. After all, this was Cherry's sister, so he was afraid of Cherry's reaction if he let Mond handle Jean's funeral.

It was as though Mond read Jackson's mind. He knew as Jean's relatives, Jackson and Cherry might not trust him with Jean's final matters.

"Don't worry, Jean's burial will be handled properly," Mond reassured him confidently as he rested a hand on Jackson's shoulder. Mond had confidence in his abilities, and knew he could settle this matter without any regrets.

Jackson stared silently into Mond's eyes for a long time and finally nodded in agreement. He believed that these were Mond's genuine feelings.

Joe walked over to Jackson, looking up in

ht," Jackson reassured her smiling as he started the car and drove off.

There was only peace in her heart and calmness in her mind as Cherry watched the scenery pass by through the window. 'Jean left me.

Five years ago, she cost me my closest friend and confidant, but, the other day, she gave her life to save my son and me. Finally, she owed me nothing; perhaps I should call it even. She used to bully me, and I hated her for it years ago, but, over time, that changed. It was a blessing to have her back in my life. Before we could really make up and spend time together happily though, she left me forever.'

A tear slipped silently down her cheek as she thought.

Jackson had seen Cherry's sad expression, and reached out to hold her icy hand wanting to comfort her. He hurt inside wanting to protect her from all harm.

Cherry inhaled deeply, slowly, and as she exhaled, she pushed the contrary, sad feelings out before turning to gaze at the side of Jackson's face and tenderly whisper,"Jackson, I love you."

A slight nod and silence from Jackson greeted Cherry's words.

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