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   Chapter 525 Worrying About Mommy (Part Three)

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Tears gathered in the corner of his eyes.

Joe was sitting in the front passenger seat of Mond's car while his uncle drove. The two were silent as they travelled along the road and Joe was looking out the window.

"Uncle Mond," Joe spoke suddenly.

Glancing at his nephew, Mond continued driving. "Yes, what?" he answered. 'Does Joe want to speak with me?' he wondered.

"Is Aunt Jean a good person?" Joe asked in that sweet and innocent manner only a child could perform. He remembered how nice his Aunt Jean always was to him. He really believed she was kind to him because she really did love him, and children as well. He could still remember the smile he saw on her face every time she saw him. But now, the doctor at the hospital said she had died. How could he believe this?

Heaving a sigh, Mond considered his response. "Maybe," he finally replied. "In the past, she did some bad things because she couldn't understand some things. But she has been appropriately punished. In recent times, she has changed quite a bit and..."

He paused before continuing. "And I really thank her. Her soul is beautiful."

Joe said," Uncle Mond? You know, when I found out that Aunt Jean had bullied my Mommy, I hated her. But then, she showed that she didn't hate me at all. So I think she is a good aunt. She's a really good person." Joe really believed Jean was one of the best people in the world.

Mond nodded, not saying anything.

His thoughts returned to what had happened on the road just a few hours ago, and his lips quivered. "Uncle Mond, Aunt Jean died for me. That car was driving towards me. I would have been hit by the car first. She wanted to protect me, and now she..."

His voice breaking and trembling, Joe finally broke down and cried.

Mond didn't know what to say, he felt a little uncomfortable here. Joe crying definitely made him sad, but

she requested.

"Okay," Mond acquiesced. "Thank you."

Lily stood and hurried upstairs.

"Bill, why don't you go and have a rest. I'll sit with Mond until Lily is finished with the guest room. We'll go to bed after that."

Bill nodded with a small, encouraging smile for Joe. "Okay, okay. If you need me, just come to my room in the backyard."

"Okay," Joe nodded.

Mond followed Joe to sit on the couch together. Ten minutes later, Lily returned downstairs. "Mr. Mond, the room is ready. Please go upstairs and have a rest. If you need anything, I live in that small room down here," she directed. As she spoke, she pointed at a small room just visible through the window.

Mond looked into her eyes and replied," Okay. Thanks." He suddenly felt she was kind of mysterious. She wasn't like other babysitters, but she was very polite and deferential. Seeing her threadbare clothes, Mond felt that he might overthink.

Nodding her head in deference, she smiled at Mond. "Okay. I'll be going to bed now. Please take care of Joe. And thank you for taking the trouble."

"Okay, I will," Mond agreed.

Once Lily had retired to her room, Mond looked at his nephew. "Time for bed, Joe. Let's head upstairs."

"Okay," Joe yawned.

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