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   Chapter 522 Danger! Watch Out! (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6661

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Everybody heard Joe's request.

"You want them now?" Jean asked. It didn't matter though if he wanted to eat them now or later, she was going to buy the haws because Joe requested it.

Cherry knew Jean would buy the haws for Joe because she loved Joe.

Cherry placed a hand on Jean's arm. "It's okay, Jean. I'll go buy some with Joe."

"Are you sure? It's no trouble for me," Jean told Cherry. She really didn't want Cherry to walk across the busy road. It was only a short distance but it could still be dangerous, especially since there wasn't any sidewalk.

Cherry shook her head," It's okay. I'll take Joe with me." She turned to Jackson and said," I'm going across the street to buy haws for Joe. Talk to Mond, okay?"

Jackson was worried but didn't dare defy Cherry's request. He nodded.

"It's just across the road, I'll be fine." Cherry took Joe's hand to take him to the shop. "Be careful," Jean shouted as they crossed the road.

Mond hesitated but forced himself to talk to Jackson. "Did you arrange this dinner so we can talk?"

Jackson shook his head. "I didn't know about this until Cherry told me." He nodded his head towards Cherry. "She arranged it all by herself."

"You mean, you didn't tell her our past?" Mond asked with shock in his voice. He thought Cherry knew about him and Jackson. But apparently, she didn't.

Jackson shook his head.

Jackson turned to Mond," Cherry doesn't know about our past. But she's right. And -"

Mond cut in and broke his sentence incomplete," No, Jackson! You're not my brother. You've never acted like my big brother. What you want is impossible!"

"I'm not expecting us to become instant brothers. But maybe we can try to get to know each other, and end this fight between us. What do you think?" Jackson proposed. He didn't want Mond to hate him anymore. He just wanted Mond to be happy.

Mond didn't know what to say.

Jackson continued. "Mond, please don't hate Grandpa. He didn't have any choice that time

, Jackson was at their side. Jackson checked for injuries on both Cherry and Joe. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Jackson stammered his words, still shocked at what had just happened. He looked for wounds or blood on Cherry and Joe. He held Joe's face in his hands and asked," Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay, Daddy, I'm not hurt. Mommy protected me," Joe answered Jackson.

Cherry held on tightly to Joe, her eyes blank, her lips silent.

"Cherry? Honey?" Jackson shook Cherry gently to regain her consciousness.

Cherry's gaze stayed in front, her mind blank.

Mond went straight to the side of the road, towards Jean, who lay in a pool of blood. His jaw hung open, unable to approach Jean.

He couldn't believe what just happened. He stared at Jean, refusing to understand.

Cherry's eyes settled on a shocked Mond and then on Jean's lifeless body on the ground. Cherry scrambled to remember what happened. She gasped when she remembered hearing Jean's frantic voice, and the sound of that car, and how Jean pushed her and Joe away.

"Jean!" Cherry broke out of Jackson's arms and crawled towards her sister.

Mond broke out of his shock and found Cherry crawl towards Jean. He stopped Cherry from reaching Jean.

"Jean, oh, Jean," Cherry cried. She tried to move closer but Mond held her back.

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