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   Chapter 518 A Better Mond (Part Three)

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Kathy didn't say a word but listened to him attentively, nodding her head in the right spots and giving him encouraging looks, urging him to go on.

"I had to use dirty means to support myself. I wanted to tear apart my father's family for all the pain he caused me. How dare he live happily with his family when I couldn't live with mine? Everything I ever did was only to win the affection of my father, but fate is a cruel mistress," Mond continued, with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Kathy stretched out her hand and wiped his tears away. She realized that even this seemingly tough and wealthy man had his own sorrows, just like everybody else.

"It was at that time that I found a little something called money. Not only could it solve all my problems but also give me the life I wanted," Mond went on, staring blankly ahead.

"Mr. Mond, life isn't always how we expect it to be," Kathy finally pitched in. Looking at Mond, she seemed to come up with a way of making him feel better.

When Mond remained silent again, Kathy started to tell her story.

"You know what? I was born poor in the countryside, and both my parents are peasants. They made a living by farming, and also went to work in a factory around our village to make ends meet," Kathy said seriously, with her eyes fixed on a pattern on the wall, not looking towards Mond at all.

"It sounded miserable but things went just well, until one day, when everything changed. I recall it was stormy that day. My father was on night duty, and he didn't get off work until 4:00 am. His other co-workers had umbrellas, so they came home. But he didn't have one, so he stood in front of the factory gate, waiting. He intended to go home when the rain subsided, for he knew

rrying less passion than before.

"How old are you?" Mond suddenly asked. He assumed that the girl must be very young.

"I'm 20," Kathy answered with a serious glint in her eyes, that made her look much older than the 20 she confessed to be.

Mond rose slowly. 'Compared to this girl, I am just a coward. I am ashamed of myself. Although we both have gone through hard times, but her attitude towards life is totally different from mine. I should be like her, ' he thought.

"If you have other choices, I would suggest that you quit this job. I believe your potential would be better appreciated elsewhere," he said and then left the compartment.

Kathy stared at Mond's back silently. 'He must have undergone more pains than I have. There is great pain in his soul that will be very hard to get rid of, ' she thought to herself.

Mond stood in front of the bathroom mirror and stared at the reflection, deep in thought. He then washed his face and made a mental note to be a better person from that day onwards. He resolved to let go of his hatred and form better connections with people. He owed it to his past, the girl he just talked to and Cherry.

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