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   Chapter 517 A Better Mond (Part Two)

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"I have no say in this. Ask your mom," Jackson replied. He never interfered in matters of Joe. Cherry was in charge of taking care of and instructing their son, whereas he was merely in charge of keeping him accompany and entertaining him.

"Mom, I want to play a little longer," Joe pleaded sweetly, looking as pathetic as he could. He hoped that Cherry would allow him to play another thirty minutes after she saw his big puppy eyes.

"Joe, go upstairs and practice the piano for an hour. You can't slack off just because you haven't had a class recently. It is important to keep practicing the old pieces again and again, if you want to upgrade your skill. You should review what you have learnt before your piano class begin next Monday. You will have to practice it today, but tomorrow you can have a day off," Cherry said patiently. Her soft words didn't pressure Joe but convinced him.

"Okay, I will," Joe complied, and then dropped his remote and walked upstairs, not completely reluctant. He liked learning piano but was too lazy to practice.

Jackson switched on the television, tuned into a soap operas channel and sat beside Cherry.

"Jean said that Mond wasn't at home. So I will call him and ask where he is now," Cherry said, in Jackson's arms.

Jackson nodded silently. His mind was preoccupied with other matters.

Cherry dialed Mond's number.

"Hello," Mond's cold voice resounded across the phone.

"Where are you now?" Cherry asked as she heard the faint sound of music.

As the conversation progressed, the music faded away.

"What's up?" Mond asked, ignoring Cherry's question.

"Well, do you have time tomorrow? Jackson and I plan to take you and Jean out to a meal," Cherry replied in a low voice. She already regretted this idea for it seemed that Mond was in a bad mood.

"Huh, a meal? Cherry, what do you want?" Mond asked with a sneer.

Cherry was stunned when she heard his words. All of sudden, she didn't know how to respond.

After a pause, Cherry answered," Mond, don't get me wrong.

n't look very good," the woman asked with concern.

The music stopped at that very moment and Mond could clearly hear what the woman had said.

"What's your name?" Mond asked suddenly.

"I'm Kathy," Kathy answered while watching Mond intently. 'He has fine features and his eyes brim with some kind of emotion. I can't tell whether it is sadness or hidden desire. He has a complicated look on it, he is probably preoccupied, ' she thought.

"Kathy," Mond repeated her name.

"Yeah. My mom told me that it was raining during her labor," Kathy said to him.

"Do you think I would've been a happy child if my father had kept my mother's company? I would've had a complete family and a totally different childhood," Mond asked, his eyes reflecting a hint of sadness.

Kathy didn't dare to reply as she stared at Mond, not knowing how to comfort this pathetic shell of a man.

"I have never met my father. I have only seen his face in pictures. My mother left me when I was a child. Therefore, I had to toughen up and be strong. That is how I have managed to survive in this world so far," Mond said bluntly. He had never confided in anyone before. But getting these things off his chest made him feel really good. All the resentment that he had kept to himself all these years had caused him a great deal of pain, which seemed to be lessening now.

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