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   Chapter 516 A Better Mond (Part One)

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Having had a long day, the three of them dragged their feet after reaching home. They washed up and changed into their home clothes. They sat together to have dinner. Joe's favorite dish had been made for him and he couldn't resist the flavors of the yummy momos.

"Mom, tomorrow is Saturday." Joe grinned, as he turned to Cherry. He wanted to do something fun for he was tired of sitting at home during weekends.

"Yeah, you don't have to go to school," Cherry replied. "Aren't you happy?"

"Yes, that's true but Mom, what's our plan?" Joe asked. 'I can't waste wonderful weekends. I should do something meaningful, ' he told himself.

Cherry ruminated for a while, and said to Jackson," How about we invite my sister and Mond for dinner?" It had been a while since she had hung out with them and she would always be grateful for their help during the initial stages of her pregnancy. Having them over for dinner would be a wonderful way to thank them.

Jackson froze when he heard this. He stared at Cherry with surprise and confusion. He had the expression of a deer seeing the headlights of a car. 'Why did she suddenly ask to eat with Mond?' he wondered.

Having noticed Jackson's amazement, Joe shifted his gaze to look at Cherry. It looked like he had started an interesting conversation that could potentially turn into a fight.

"What's wrong?" Cherry asked her husband while looking at him. She didn't understand the reason for his expression. 'Did I say anything wrong?' she thought. She didn't think so.

"No. I was just surprised to hear you saying that," Jackson replied, and then lowered his head with a burning face.

'He shouldn't have known that I have discovered the nature of his relationship with Mond. It's normal to see his respond like this, ' Cherry thought.

"Jackson, I just want to have my sister over for a meal. There's nothing more to it," Cherry explained. "You know that I lived in Mond's house for a while, and he also provided a shelter

after some pause.

Jean was aware of Mond's hatred for Jackson. 'If Mond comes there tomorrow, he'll meet Jackson. I can't imagine what might happen between them. If Cherry asks him to come, he might give in. He always makes unexpected decisions whenever Cherry is involved, ' she pondered.

"I get it, I'll call him," Cherry acknowledged.

Jean 'hmmed' on the other end of the phone.

"Jean, then go to bed early. I will text the time and address to you. Don't forget to check. I'll be waiting for you," Cherry said gaily.

"I will. You sleep early too. Say 'Good night!' to Joe for me," Jean said.

"Sure, good night to you too." Cherry returned as she ended their conversation.

Jackson and Joe were playing Joe's favorite video game in the hall, in the meantime. When Joe saw Cherry hang up, he asked her while focusing on his game," What did Auntie say?"

"She said that she would come on time. But..." Cherry replied but paused for a while when she realized that she'd better keep away Mond's matter from her son. She then continued," Your aunt asked you to go to sleep early and said 'Good night!' to you."

"Well, I see," Joe responded. After some thinking, he kept aside the remote control and turned to Jackson," But dad, tomorrow is Saturday. Shouldn't I be allowed to play a little longer?"

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