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   Chapter 515 Little Sweetheart (Part Three)

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"This is not a problem. Just let him be jealous. Daddy is not important. Mommy, I should be the one you love most in your heart," whispered Joe to Cherry, confidentially.

"Yes, you are right," Cherry couldn't help but giggle, while she exchanged secret glances with Joe.

"What are you muttering about?" Jackson heard nothing about their conversation. How could they talk to each other behind his back? He felt bad on being left out by his family.

Neither Cherry nor Joe responded, they just ignored him.

Opening the rear door they sat in the car saying," Daddy, come on, let's go home."

Jackson started the car while asking again," You still haven't told me what you were talking about."

"We are talking about something secret." Joe felt very proud and grown up on talking to his Mommy while his Daddy didn't know what was going on.

"Yes, Joe, it's a secret between us," added Cherry, smiling. She was not going to give any information about the talk to Jackson due to his envy of Joe. Joe was hers, and it was the same with Jackson.

"One of you is my wife, and the other one is my son. You are my closest family. How could you keep secrets behind my back?" a smile appeared on Jackson's face when he was realized that he was not going to be a part of their exclusive club, which apparently required knowledge of secrets to enter.

"Daddy, there must have been a lot of excellent men around Mommy before, how did you deal with them?" asked Joe curiously. He was looking forward to understanding his Daddy's attitude towards his rivals in love.

"I just drove them away one after another, and let everyone know that your Mommy was mine by labeling her," replied Jackson. He always answered truthfully in front of Joe because he had realized his smart son knew and understood more than he imagined. Joe's intelligence quotient was beyond?his imagination.

"Oh, I see," responded Joe as he understood all at once.

Meanwhile, Cherry got angry sitting beside them. This was new information to her. She gazed at Jackson's side face inquiring," Jackson, what are you saying to our son?

knew and where he had picked it up.

"Joe, speak fast," Cherry questioned Joe closely.

"Alright, I will tell you," Joe was forced to say the truth though he was not willing to explain it," Sometimes I see these things when I'm watching the news, and there are always some young couples kissing and hugging on the street too. I usually associate these issues in my mind. Those are the reasons why I know so much."

"Joe, I never expected you to have such a wide vision," uttered Cherry, reluctantly. She knew that it was not her fault, and Joe must learn to understand some things on his own to learn how society worked. Nevertheless, she was still surprised that his cognitive level was so far beyond her imagination.

"Well, that's just because I have learn so many thing from my daily life. Everything happens rather naturally," responded Joe with a indifferent look on his face.

"Joe," Cherry suddenly got serious and said to her son," I don't object to you being aware of so much things. But you must clearly know what you should do and what you should not do as a small child, okay? Don't make Mommy worry about you."

"I know, Mommy, I know it very well in my heart. Who do you think your boy is? I'm Jackson Chu's son and Cherry Shen's little sweetheart. I'm the world-beater!" replied Joe as he had submerged himself in the feeling of being proud.

"You called my name again!"

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