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   Chapter 514 Little Sweetheart (Part Two)

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"Be careful, honey! You could slip and fall!" Jackson urged with concern and followed her, making sure she didn't trip on the stairs. 'Has she not realized that she is a pregnant woman now?' Jackson wondered, sighing internally.

In the dining room, Jackson watched as Cherry demolished a bowl of porridge and his lay untouched, on the table. Standing in the kitchen and watching them from afar, Lily beamed as the happy couple sat together and continued to banter among themselves.

"Lily, Cherry and I are going to Joe's school to pick him up. Please tell Bill that his services will not be required as of now," informed Jackson.

"Sure, I will let him know," replied Lily as a strange shiver crossed her face.

"Are you all right? Are you feeling under the weather?" questioned Jackson. No action escaped his attention. Jackson was keenly aware of Lily's behavior and her eyes conveyed that she was off in some other land and not living in the present.

"No, no, I couldn't be better. I was thinking about how to improve Ms. Cherry's nutrition to ensure that the baby is in good health," explained Lily in haste.

"Well," acknowledged Jackson, indifferently, now that he had no cause for concern,"if you are unsure about that, you can go to the study and use the Internet for some research. I don't know so much about these things either, so you may help yourself."

"Yes, I got it, Mr. Jackson," quickly replied Lily with respect.

Cherry looked up to Lily, and then turned her sight to Jackson and coaxed,"All right, don't put too much pressure on Lily. My previous diet should be fine. Lily knows the foods that a pregnant woman can't eat and she won't prepare these foods for me. That's enough. I'm not picky."

"No, no, Mrs. Cherry, I will try to prepare nutritious meals for you to strengthen your body. Nine months of pregnancy is hard enough, you must take good care of yourself," uttered Lily sincerely. She wanted to take good care of her loving mistress.

"Lily, thank you so much. I don't deserve you," Cherry's heart was so full of gratitude, for Lily always put her first, even before herself.

"Mrs. Cherry, it's my pleasure to serve you. Please don't embarrass me by being so polite," replied Lily lowering her head.

"Never say that again, Lily. Y

le lit up Cherry's face. She was still worried but Jackson's words made her feel immensely better. She was certain her husband could take care of himself. She really had no need to take so many factors into account as no one could tell what would happen in the future, so she intended to just let nature take its course.

Arriving at the school gates, they surprisingly found that there were no students. "Well, are we here early or late?" murmured Cherry curiously.

Jackson glanced at his watch replying,"We are early. There are still five minutes left."

"Then we can wait for a while. It's only five minutes," offered Cherry.

"We don't have any other option," Jackson echoed.

As soon as class got over, Joe got out of school and looked for Bill's car. Suddenly, he caught sight of his Daddy's car, and his Mommy was waving to him in the car.

"Joe," Cherry cheerfully called to her son.

"Mommy, Mommy," Joe was very happy and quickly ran to Cherry.

"Hi, honey. Are you surprised to see us?" uttered Cherry, a smile curved her lips.

Joe looked at his Mommy, and then averted his eyes to his Daddy crying with excitement,"I'm so happy. I never thought that you both would come here together to pick me up."

"Well, I was afraid that our little sweetheart would get depressed and lonely without our companionship, so I come here to pick you up." After that, Cherry continued,"Joe, did you know your Daddy was jealous just now? He complained that I only care about you and ignore him all the time."

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