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   Chapter 512 Encountering In The Shopping Mall (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-01-15 00:09

"Oh, nothing. Why would you ask that?" Sally put on an obviously-feigned expression of innocence before looking at Jackson's wife with contempt. She continued,"We haven't seen each other for quite a while now. I was concerned. How have you been lately?"

"I'm good, thank you for your concern. If there isn't anything else, I'll excuse myself," Cherry replied coldly, turning to leave again.

Sally grabbed Cherry's arm in a vice-like grip before Cherry could leave.

Lily made a dash towards Cherry, trying to shake Sally's hand off.

"Let her go!" she shouted at Sally furiously.

"Why would I ever do that? Now that I've run into her, I won't be letting her leave that easily," Sally snarled.

As they were locked together by Sally's grip, Sally suddenly gave Cherry a hard push, releasing her at the right moment to try to send her sprawling. Lily reacted fast to catch Cherry before she hit the ground.

"Mrs. Cherry, are you alright?" Lily asked hastily, looking anxious.

"I...I'm fine, thank you, Lily," Cherry replied, catching her breath.

Lily's brows furrowed further. "Is the baby okay?" Lily fretted. As she watched Cherry panting from her altercation, Lily feared something might happen to the unborn baby.

Meanwhile, Sally had frozen in astonishment. She stared at Cherry dumbfounded.

"Are you pregnant now?" Sally asked in disbelief. 'How could it be possible? I even haven't thought of a plan to handle her son. But now she is having another child. What am I supposed to do now?' she wondered.

Cherry stared icily into Sally's eyes, not intending to answer her question. 'Why should I tell her anything? She doesn't deserve that, and she's got nothing to do with me anyway, ' Cherry told herself silently.

"My lady, are y

e," Cherry warned resolutely. 'I won't allow anyone to hurt my children. I won't spare anyone who dares to threaten them, ' she thought.

"Well, then, Cherry. I'll continue to be your enemy. I'm curious to see whom your husband will choose in the end: you, or me?" Sally declared defiantly. She only had one goal from now on: get Jackson.

"Sally, please acquire my husband's approval before you attempt any dirty means to 'steal' him. If all this is just your own fantasy, I think you're poor," Cherry remarked, a sly smile decorating her face. She looked on Sally with contempt and pity.

"Cherry, you..." Sally fumed. She was so angry that she couldn't utter another word. If Lily wasn't standing between them, Sally would surely hit Cherry.

"Sally, leave before I call my husband. Who do you think he'll side with?" Cherry asked confidently. "You? Or me, the one pregnant with his unborn child?" Cherry stroked her not-quite showing belly tauntingly.

Knowing she had to leave now or risk Jackson's wrath, Sally stared at Cherry seething,"Cherry, I won't let you go," she threatened. "You won't own what I fail to get!"

Sally spun on her heel, walking away.

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