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   Chapter 511 Encountering In The Shopping Mall

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Once the ladies had finished getting ready, Cherry drove them both to the mall.

Cherry had never considered Lily as a servant, so she held Lily's arm warmly as they walked through the shops. They looked more like mother and daughter, than servant and employer.

Despite not wearing expensive brand clothes or high-class makeup, Lily had an air of elegance and dignity. She looked more like a noble lady, instead of a housemaid. The pair of beautiful ladies had attracted the attention of many high-born women in the mall.

"Mrs Cherry, I feel at ease accompanying you here. You not only don't look down upon me for my station, but you are willing to be seen with me as close as this, " Lily gushed gratefully.

Cherry smiled. "Lily, don't say that. We're family, how could I treat you any differently? I really appreciate everything you do for us, " she replied.

"Frankly speaking, people like you are rare in the rich and powerful elite class. I finally understand why master treats you so well. You deserve this, " Lily glanced at her shopping partner.

"May I take that as a compliment, Lily?" Cherry asked, a cute smile adorning her face.

"Yes, my lady. You deserve my praise, " Lily giggled.

Reaching a store that piqued Cherry's interest, she gestured inside. "Let's go in there. Their clothes are quite beautiful."

"Good choice. Be careful, my lady, " Lily answered.

"I will, " Cherry returned.

The two walked throughout the store, Cherry browsing the clothes. Two hours later, she had finally settled on several gorgeous dresses. She took the dresses to the counter, paid for them with Jackson's card and left the store with Lily. As they strolled, Cherry felt satisfied with her purchases. She felt her spirits raising for she had spent some of her husband's money.

"My lady


Lily, taking up the bags, stood and began to move off too. She frowned when she noticed Cherry was standing still. "My lady, what's wrong?" she asked, adjusting her hold on one of the bags.

No answer was given by Cherry, who simply stared ahead. Lily followed her gaze to find Sally standing where Cherry was staring.

Sally coldly approached Cherry. "Mrs. Cherry, how do you have time to go shopping?" she asked scornfully. She fixed her eyes on Cherry's dainty ones.

Wordlessly, Cherry simply gazed at the angry woman.

"My lady, let's go. Just ignore her, " Lily turned to Cherry. She knew Sally was hostile to Jackson's caring wife, and she felt it best to simply exit the situation.

Taking Cherry by the hand, Lily turned to leave. Again, they didn't get far because Sally stepped in their way.

"How capable you are. A servant dares to make a decision for her master, " Sally glared at Lily angrily, sarcasm dripping from each word.

Cherry knew she had to face Sally today. If not today, it would be another time, so what was a better opportunity than right now. 'Obviously, she wants to give me a hard time, ' she thought.

"Sally, what do you want from me?" Cherry asked.

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