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   Chapter 510 Encountering In The Shopping Mall (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-01-14 20:44

It wasn't long before everyone returned home. "Mom, Dad, I'm so tired. I'm going to go to bed upstairs now, " Joe yawned as the Chu Family entered their house.

"Good night!" Jackson responded.

"Joe, would you like me to sit with you while you fall asleep?" Cherry asked. She was concerned that Joe might not be able to sleep alone.

"No, I can handle myself, " Joe replied, waving a hand at her. He walked upstairs.

Jackson carefully watched his son walk upstairs before taking Cherry in his arms. "Baby, " he whispered seductively into her delicate ears, "you will be mine tonight."

"Screw you. I'm yours every night, " Cherry retorted, lightly shoving him. "Hurry upstairs. Better take a shower and then we'll go to bed too. I'm worn out like Joe."

"As you commanded, my lady, " Jackson responded obediently. He held his wife carefully as he spoke, and released her afterwards. "Sweetheart, be careful on the stairs, " he called as he walked up the stairs himself.

Grumbling under her breath, Cherry nodded. "I know. Don't treat me like a bedridden patient. I can handle myself now, " she replied.

They walked up the stairs together. At the top of the stairs, Jackson turned dramatically to Cherry, taking her in his arms once again. This time he scooped her off the floor. "No, I can't let you handle it alone. I will have to escort you to our room, " Jackson objected decidedly. He couldn't bring himself to allow anything to happen to Cherry.

Carrying her into their bedroom, he set her down on the bed and cuddled with her there. Cherry enjoyed this attention, her face reflecting her peaceful and satisfied feelings.

"Jackson, " Cherry breathed.

"Well, what's up?" Jackson asked.

"I felt a little guilty as I watched Elsa's face today, " Cherry lamented, overcome with sadness. "We've been separated since I was a child. Now that we've been reunit

company and watch over her, day and night, ' he thought.

"I'll be fine, Jackson. If it's urgent, you should deal with it now. I'll go shopping with Lily. I don't want to be cooped up in the house, " Cherry encouraged him.

He watched her worriedly. "Well, watch yourself today. If anything goes wrong, just call me immediately, okay?" he urged. He still felt worried at the thought of leaving Cherry alone.

Cherry nudged him. "Got it. Just go solve your problem at the bar. Hurry!"

Watching Jackson drive away, Cherry returned inside once he was out of sight.

Lily walked out of the kitchen as Cherry entered the hallway. "Lily, do you have time now?" Cherry asked.

"Yes, I do. What can I do for you, my lady?" Lily asked, approaching Cherry.

"Come shopping with me. I don't want to stay home right now, " Cherry explained softly.

"Didn't you have plans with Jackson?" Lily remembered that Jackson and Cherry were going to go for a walk about the neighborhood.

Shaking her head, Cherry replied, "Jackson had something to handle at the bar."

"I see. Okay. Please wait a moment and I will change my clothes, " Lily said, smiling.

"Good. I will come upstairs to get my handbag, " Cherry responded.

"Very well, " said Lily.

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