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   Chapter 509 Happy Family (Part Three)

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Jackson smiled back. What other choice did he have? 'What kind of day is this? Cherry and Joe both fooled me successfully. Is there really such a thing as mother-child affinity?' he wondered.

Soon, Cherry and Selina came downstairs and found the men were all chatting in the living room together and Joe was sitting in Jacob's arms.

Wilson glanced over, asking, "What were you doing upstairs? What took so long?"

The women took their places beside their men. Jackson took his wife in his arms happily. Selina took her fiance's arm, looking quite intimate as she snuggled him.

"Oh, just talking, " Selina replied nonchalantly. "There are secrets among us women, and I just can't tell you."

"Okay then, " Wilson replied reluctantly.

Cherry turned to Jackson and the others, asking, "What did you all talk about?"

"Mommy, we were talking about things only men are allowed to know, " Joe answered immediately. "I can't tell you either."

His bold words made the group erupt in laughter.

"Joe, " Selina said between giggles, "you're such a little boy. How do you know such men's discussions?" She knew Joe was smart, but she hadn't expected he would be that clever. This was her first experience, seeing that he was a gifted boy in person.

"Of course, " Joe proudly answered. "I know because Daddy and Uncle Wilson are teaching me."

Fixing her maternal and protective eyes on Jackson, she glared into his soul. "Jackson, what have you been teaching our son?"

Jackson replied helplessly, "Nothing." He knew he was innocent. He hadn't taught Joe anything that he was saying.

"Why would Joe say so if you hadn't?" Cherry asked. She believed her son. Jackson was terrible at teaching children. He would just say that Joe was smart, didn't need to learn anything and could spend as much money as he wis

should eat more too."

"Okay, " Selina nodded. "Thank you."

Elsa tutted. "No need to thank me. We're family. Don't be shy, just have dinner. Everyone have some more, please."

Her husband nodded in agreement. "Yes, you should all eat more. Cherry, in particular. You're eating for two now, so take good care of yourself."

"Okay, " Cherry replied. "I know. Thank you."

Once they'd finished the delicious dinner, Wilson drove Selina home. Cherry and Jackson drove home too with Joe.

Elsa and Jacob stood at the gate, smiling together as they watched their children's cars grow fainter.

"Jacob, we should be glad. Our son and daughter are both happy with their new families, " Elsa said softly.

Smiling in agreement, Jacob looked at his wife. "Yes, and then we'll be waiting for another grandson after Wilson and Selina marry."

"Before we have another grandson born, you'd better finally retire. You're not young anymore. I'd love it if you would retire and be home with me. We could babysit the kids sometime too. Especially once Wilson and Selina have a baby, " Elsa asserted seriously.

Jacob found no reason to disagree, so instead his smile grew. "Okay, okay. I'll do whatever you say."

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