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   Chapter 508 Happy Family (Part Two)

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Jacob happily picked up his grandson and embraced him fondly. "My little Joe, you're finally here."

Joe looked at his Grandpa seriously, asking, "How are you these days, Grandpa? I really miss you."

"Fine, fine, I'm good, " Jacob reassured him. He was proud to see his grandson, albeit just a little kid, cared deeply about other people. That was most certainly because Cherry had educated Joe well at home.

"That's great, " Joe said, beaming. "Where's Grandma?"

"Your Grandma is in the kitchen now. Let's go, " Jacob replied. "I'll take you to your Grandma."

Nodding, Joe said, "Okay."

"Grandma, I'm here!" Joe exclaimed as they entered the kitchen together.

Elsa's face lit up with the sound of her grandson's voice. "Joe, you naughty boy, why has it taken you so long to come see me? I've missed you badly!"

Joe replied, smiling, "Really? Well, I'll just ask Mommy and Daddy to bring me to see you whenever they have time. Is that okay, Grandma?"

"Okay, okay, " Elsa chuckled. "You go and play in the living room. I'll cook something for you and call when it's ready."

"Okay, I know, " he answered.

"Take Joe out of here, " Elsa suggested to Jacob. "There's grease spitting around."

Jacob agreed.

Leading the way out of the kitchen, Jacob turned to Joe. "Go to the living room first, I'll go wash some fruits for you."

Joe nodded.

Running back to the living room, he saw his Daddy talking to his uncle. Joe decided he wanted to be with his Daddy, so he ran straight to him and buried his head in Daddy's arms.

"Daddy, where is Mommy?" Joe asked.

Jackson looked down at the kid in his arms, gently reply

ill have to be taken care of by my father, ' he worried. 'Daddy doesn't care what I do at all, but Mommy does. So I believe that I should listen to her.'

Wilson asked, covering his concern with a smile, "Why? "Wouldn't it be good if your Daddy looked after you?"

"No, " Joe replied matter-of-factly.

Before Jackson or Wilson could respond, Jacob came in with a plate of fruit.

Joe hastened to his Grandpa. "Grandpa, " he whined, "Uncle Wilson and Daddy are being mean to me."

Joe pouted and put on a sad face, pretending to be injured. He shot a quick grin at Wilson and Jackson.

Sighing, Jacob looked mock-seriously at the men. "How could you do that to a kid? You're grown men. You're supposed to be protecting him, not bullying him. Are you adults or not?" He turned to his young grandson. "Joe, they won't do that again. Please don't be mad at them, " he entreated.

"Well, if they tease me again, Grandpa will you protect me?" Joe quickly replied.

"Okay, okay, " Jacob promised, "I'll protect you."

Confident that he had won, Joe smiled adorably at his uncle and daddy.

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