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   Chapter 507 Happy Family (Part One)

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Wilson was waiting for Joe at the school gate.

Walking through the school gate, Joe noticed Wilson and happily ran to him.

Joe grabbed his hand, asking, "Uncle Wilson! What are you doing here?"

Chuckling at his cuteness, Wilson touched Joe's head. "I'm here to pick up my little nephew, " he replied. "Joe, your Daddy and Mommy are in your Grandma's house. Let's go there together, okay?"

Joe nodded, excited to see his grandparents. "Okay. I miss my grandparents. How have they been?" he asked with concern.

"They're fine, " Wilson assured him. "Your Grandma and Grandpa also miss you very much, so they've asked me to pick you up from school. Let's go. Get in the car and we'll go."

"Okay, " Joe replied.

The pair got into Wilson's car and drove away. Joe was watching the outside world go past in a blur excitedly as they spoke.

Joe asked, "Uncle Wilson, why did my Daddy and Mommy go to my Grandpa's house?"

"Your Mommy dearly misses your Grandma, but she doesn't get to see her as often as she'd like. You can always see your Mommy, but your Mommy can only see your Grandma once in a while, " Wilson explained patiently.

Joe nodded, realising what his uncle meant. "Oh, that makes sense, " he agreed. "My Grandma is Mommy's Mommy, so my Mommy must miss her very much."

The intelligence of his nephew brought a smile to Wilson's face. "You're really smart, Joe. Yes, that's the reason."

"Of course, I'm the son of Cherry Shen, " Joe replied proudly. Then he suddenly realised that his Mommy had taught him to never say her full name. Maybe it didn't matter this time because it was only in front of Uncle Wilson and Mommy wasn't here.

Glancing at his nephew in the rear-view mirror, Wilson grinned. "Wow! How dare you call your Mommy

"Oh, don't punish me, " Joe said quickly. "I hope you'll marry Aunt Selina soon, " he changed the subject. "I can't wait for your wedding candies!" He wanted to turn his uncle's attention away from his Mommy and Daddy, by talking about his wedding with Aunt Selina. "And I hope Aunt Selina could..."

"Joe, " Wilson interrupted.

Joe asked seriously, "Yes, what?"

Wilson said with a smile, "Your wish will come true soon."

Joe screamed in excitement, "Really? You and Aunt Selina are getting married soon?"

"Yes, " Wilson replied. "You'll hear more when we get there. Your Mommy and Daddy already know."

Joe cheered, "That's great! Uncle Wilson, I hope you'll have a great wedding."

"Thanks, Joe, " Wilson replied.

Trying to be casual, Joe nonchalantly gestured. "Alright. If you want to thank me, you can give me a big red packet at your wedding."

Chuckling at the kid's cuteness and boldness, Wilson couldn't refuse him. "Okay, I'll give you a big red packet then."

It wasn't long before they pulled up in front of the house. They entered together and Joe saw his Grandpa sitting in the living room. "Grandpa, Grandpa!" Joe exclaimed and ran to him.

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