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   Chapter 506 Sweet Love (Part Two)

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"What was that, Selina?" Cherry pretended not to understand Selina.

Jacob and Elsa exchanged looks. Elsa raised her eyebrow at Jacob as if to say "What are these kids trying to hide?"

"What's going on?" Elsa asked.

"Nothing. Nothing's going on, " Cherry immediately answered.

"Come on, Cherry, tell Elsa the good news!" Wilson beamed at her.

"Well, you two better stop laughing at me!" Cherry pouted her lips at Wilson and Selena.

She escaped to Jackson's arms. "Jackson, help me! Wilson and Selina are ganging up on me, "

"Babe, they're just teasing. And they do have a point. Why don't you tell your mom and Jacob the good news?" Jackson smiled at Cherry.

Cherry panicked at Jackson's answer. She wasn't expecting him to say that.

"But, Jackson!" Cherry protested. Cherry bit her lip and realized she had no choice but to tell Elsa and Jacob the news.

"What's going on, dear?" Elsa asked while she stroked Cherry's hair.

Cherry took a deep breath and reassured Elsa, "Don't worry, Mom, it's good news."

"Really?" Elsa snuck a look at Jacob before she gave her full attention to Cherry, "What's the good news?

"I'm pregnant, " Cherry announced to Elsa and Jacob. "Are you happy?"

"Oh my goodness, that's not good news. That's wonderful news!" Elsa hugged Cherry, followed by Jacob, who wrapped them in his arms. Jacob motioned for Jackson to join them. Elsa released the hug but kept Cherry in her arms. "How could you not tell us earlier?"

"We were going to but it slipped my mind when I saw your parlor, " Cherry started to explain. "And then Selina tried to remind me and I just felt embarrassed for not telling you sooner."

"You shouldn't be embarrassed!" Elsa chastised Cherry. "You should tell us good news like this any time, even if it's at 3 in the morning!"

"Okay, Mommy, next time, we'll call you at 3 am!" Cherry nodded at Elsa.

"How many months along are you now?" Elsa asked. Before Cherry could answer, Elsa continued to talk. "Remember, you're taking care of two people now, so you have to take good care of yourself. No cold water. No manual labor. No carrying things. You have to rest always and don't stay up late, " Elsa looked into Cherry's eyes when she didn't answer immediately. "Do you understand, Cherry?" Elsa always believed all women developed fragile bodies when pregnant because of her experience. She had a difficult pregnancy with Cherry and that was one of the reasons she didn't

"Then I came back, " Cherry finished Selina's sentence.

"I was so happy when you came back. I knew then that you would realize his love for you and your love for him and you'll be together forever, " Selina gushed.

Cherry looked Selina in the eyes and asked, "Selina, am I really this lucky?" When I married Jackson, I no longer felt lonely. I mean, for sure, we had our share of fights and disagreements, but I realized my love for him just became deeper and stronger."

Selina grinned, "I'm so happy to hear that."

Cherry continued. "We all have our ups and downs. It's always a test to see if the love is true. And if they can still hold hands after the down, then they are really for each other. Only the couples who can accept each other's flaws will last long."

"I agree. You are both mature and well-educated. You both have your careers, each other, and a beautiful child. With another one coming, who can say you are not successful?" Selina stated.

"Selina, Jackson and I went through a lot to get to this point in our relationship and in our lives. It taught us to treasure each other. I hope you and Wilson will also learn to treasure each other, " Cherry shared to Selina. Through all their trials and triumphs, Cherry learned that marriage and love didn't always go together. Couples needed to work on their relationships to make it last. She wanted Selina to know that. But Cherry was also confident Wilson and Selina will be able to handle any problem that come their way.

"Thank you, Cherry, and we will. We already do. I love Wilson and nothing can change that, " Selina repeated to put Cherry at ease.

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