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   Chapter 505 Sweet Love (Part One)

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The four of them were astonished by her confusing statement.

"What do you mean?" Derek nudges Jackson with his elbow. "Just tell us already, Jackson!"

Jackson simply smiled at Derek but stayed silent.

"Cherry, what's the big news? We're dying to know!" Selina asked Cherry. Cherry was the more dominant of the two and Selina knew she needed to use the right words to encourage Cherry to open up.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Cherry stared into their eyes, one by one, and slowly repeated her question, "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes! Just tell us already!" Amy demanded. She knew Cherry had good news and she wanted to know now.

"I'm pregnant, " Cherry announced with a smile on her lips and eyes.

"What!" Selina's jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?" Amy couldn't believe it.

"For real, man?" Derek asked.

Wilson, who stood next to Jackson, cheered and patted Jackson on the back.

Cherry's eyebrows knotted in confusion. She turned to Jackson but kept her eyes on their friends, "Jackson, what's going on?"

Jackson smiled and gave Cherry a peck on the cheek. "Maybe we should ask them, " Jackson answered.

Selina shook herself out of her shock.

She rushed to hug Cherry. "Congratulations! I'm so happy we're gonna have a new member in our family!"

Cherry released Selina's hug. "It's my child and Jackson's, not yours and Wilson's. Have your own child. And when they're born, they can play together, or compete with each other!"

Selina was taken aback by Cherry's reaction and it took her a while to respond. "Oh, right."

It was Amy's turn to hug Cherry. "I'm so happy for you, Cherry!" Amy let go but kept her hands on Cherry's shoulder and forced Cherry to look into Amy's eyes."It's more important now for you to take care of yourself, now that you're pregnant. You've got one more person to worry about now!"

"Of course, I know that, Amy. You know me best. I won't let this little one down, " Cherry stroked her belly and smiled at Amy.

"Well, your news certainly trumps my getting-married news. Congratulations!" Derek beamed at Cherry and Jackson.

Wilson clapped his hands. "Jacob and Elsa are going to be thrilled with your news! Have you told them already?"

Cherry turned to Jackson with a smile that won't leave her lips and squeezed his hand. "We're telling them this afternoon."

Jackson nodded. "Yes, we can't wait for them to find out!"

"We need to celebrate this amazing news, Cherry! What do you think? Shall we have a party?" Selina asked Cherry, as she tried to salvage her reaction earlier.

Wilson echoed Selina's plan. "Oh yes! We have so much to celebrate, my marriage

ting Cherry and Jackson this afternoon because they wanted to know about our wedding. And when we saw each other, Cherry and Selina said they wanted to visit you both. We just decided we'll come here instead."

"Good decision! Because we are so happy to see you, " Jacob hugged Wilson with a one-arm side hug. "You guys should visit us more often. Your mother would appreciate that." Jacob strode to Elsa's side and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Yes, we definitely will do what we can to visit you more often from now on, " Cherry smiled at Elsa and Jacob.

"How is Joe, by the way, Cherry? Is he studying well?" Elsa inquired of Cherry's son, Joe.

Cherry shrugged her shoulders. "He's alright. He's a smart kid, whether he studies or not. So I don't really worry too much about that part."

Elsa's eyebrows knotted in worry. "Joe is still a young boy and it's important that he gets a good education at his age. Remember that, " Elsa reminded her.

"Don't worry, Mom, " Cherry reassured her. "Joe's going to be fine. Besides, Jackson is here to help raise him, too."

Jackson's nostrils flared at Cherry's words, but he could only breath out a resigned sigh when his beloved wife gave certain instructions.

"That's good that you're parenting him together. That's always better." Elsa held her palm against her heart. "Oh, and I heard Joe is learning the piano? How's that going for him?" Elsa asked Cherry and Jackson.

"Well, his teacher says he's doing really good. We'll find out soon, " Cherry answered. "He's taking a piano test soon. So we'll know if he's been practicing."

"That's good to hear." Elsa nodded.

Selina noticed that Cherry hadn't mentioned to Elsa and Jacob about her pregnancy. She turned to Cherry, "Cherry, are you-?"

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