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   Chapter 504 Shocking News (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-01-13 00:08

"Amy, you aren't married to Derek, yet. How can you speak up on his side? I'm your bestie! Why would you take his side against me?" Cherry huffed and crossed her arms.

"Well, I better zip my lip then, " Amy was smiling as she conceded. 'I've already given myself to Derek though, and now we just need the wedding ceremony, ' she mused while she basked in happiness.

"Cherry, you must have got lots of practice lecturing Jackson at home. Joe is such a quick boy. If you speak to him in such a manner, he doesn't take it laying down, unlike Jackson who doesn't argue, " Derek quipped.

"Oh? Is that how you see me, Derek?" there was an hint of a warning in Jackson's tone as he asked. The laughter and light feeling in the room seemed to disappear with Jackson's question.

Cherry was up in a flash and sitting next to Jackson, "Derek, my husband is a good man, " Cherry said defensively as she wrapped her arms around Jackson's waist.

Jackson silently looked down at the woman now ensconced in his arms telling himself, 'Just let her be. Nothing is more important than her happiness.'

"I beg your pardon, Cherry. I shouldn't be bickering with you, " Derek said looking away from Cherry. He moved back to where Amy was and casually looped arm over her shoulders.

"Honey, would we be able to pay my mom and uncle a visit later? While we are there, we can see their wedding room, " Cherry asked in a sweet, melodic voice while looking up at Jackson.

Jackson nodded in agreement.

"Cherry, are you going to visit uncle and aunt? I'd like to go too, " Selina cut in.

"Great!" replied Cherry.

Selina looked questioningly at Wilson wanting to hear his opinion.

"Wilson, will you come with us?" Cherry asked Wilson when she saw the silent imploring look Selina had given him.

"sure!" agreed Wilson.

"Honey, I believe t

is decision, ' they thought.

"Selina, we just registered our marriage today. We haven't thought about or discussed the date our ceremony will be, so, don't get all worked up, " Derek rushed to explain to her. 'Wow! This seems to have really taken her by surprise. I didn't mean to shock her so badly, ' he realized as he observed her behavior.

After pausing to consider what to say, he continued, "But, don't worry, we won't hold our ceremony before yours. Remember, we just got our certificates. We haven't started any preparations for a wedding. What we do, won't affect your plans. Please, don't be angry with me."

"Derek, it's okay! You just really caught me off guard! Do you know how much you shocked me just now?" Selina playfully smiled as she asked.

Amy realized Selina was picking on Derek when Selina smiled.

"You would dare trick me?" Derek asked Selina when he finally saw through Selina's ruse.

"I was only pulling your leg! I wish you and Amy all the best, and a long, happy life, " Selina said sweetly.

Seeing Selina and Derek laughing together merrily, Cherry and Jackson glanced at each other. "Dear? It appears Derek's news isn't shocking. Should we tell them ours?" Cherry asked Jackson.

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