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   Chapter 503 Shocking News (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6121

Updated: 2019-01-12 12:57

"Cherry, how are you?" asked Amy as she walked over to Cherry and took her hand.

"We just arrived, I thought you were supposed to get here earlier. Why are you so late?" Cherry asked with an inflection of curiosity.

"On our way over we got stuck in traffic, " Derek answered.

"I see. Let's get in, " Cherry said.

The four walked into the JS Group together.

Arriving on the floor where Selina's office was, they got off the elevator. Selina and Wilson were sitting on the lounge chatting with each other. When Selina caught sight of them, she got up right away and dashed over to them.

"Hello guys, finally, you got here!" Selina greeted them politely all together, thinking it was too formal to greet each of them individually.

"You called, so, we, rushed over, naturally, " Cherry responded smiling.

"Cherry, thank you for giving me so much faith! Today's lunch is on me. I wouldn't ask any of you to come for no reason, so please, don't be angry, " Selina told Cherry grinning, as she linked her arm in Cherry's.

"I'm not mad, besides, Jackson said getting angry harms my health, " Cherry replied casually, walking towards the lounge with Selina.

"Selina, Cherry has been showing her affection. Haven't you noticed?" Amy giggled while she teased Cherry.

Knitting her brows in concentration, Selina mulled over Amy's words quickly, and then gave Cherry a cursory glance, "Huh, oh wow! You're right! It's rare for Cherry to listen to Jackson's advice obediently, " Selina stated as she turned to look over at Amy.

Smiling slyly, Cherry said to Selina, "Selina, are you sure you want to keeping clinging to me?" Then Cherry feigned a look of hurt directed at Wilson and whined, "Wilson? Would you look at your girlfriend, over here bullying me?"

"Oh no! Cherry, you got it all wrong, " Selina immed


Wilson nodded in agreement after he thought a moment.

"That's it! Something is wrong. You are talkative and Jackson is sitting there not saying a word. He isn't acting like himself!" Selina decided.

"Well, we are a couple, so what's the difference if I respond and he is quiet? Don't be so sensitive, " retorted Cherry. 'I enjoy this feeling, and I don't want it ruined, ' she thought.

"Hmmm, well, your words make sense, " stated Selina while raising an eyebrow thinking the situation was strange, "However, you usually sit meekly in Jackson's arms listening to us in. You look different today."

Selina thought something happened to make Cherry act so out of character.

"I have started having to give my son lectures recently, and I spend so much time using this tone, that it's natural, and why I am talking to you like this now, " Cherry explained. 'Not quite the truth, but, as long as they don't figure out I am pregnant, and I can keep them in the dark until later when I tell them myself, ' she chuckled on the inside as she thought.

"You do? I spend a lot of time with him as his piano tutor, and he isn't rebellious at all. I find Joe to be an obedient boy, " Amy broke in playfully.

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