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   Chapter 501 Marriage Certificate (Part Three)

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"Oh no Mommy, I wouldn't dare to do that again, " as Joe shook his head looking at his Mommy with large doe-like eyes, he adopted a compliant appearance, garnering him a more significant possibility of his Mommy forgiving him.

"It doesn't matter whether it is Daddy, Mommy, or your uncles and aunts! You must be polite, do you understand me? Mommy has said this before, do you remember that?" asked Cherry.

"I do remember Mommy. You said we must always respect our elders. When we are out in public, children must follow, listen to and obey their parents. One cannot speak to strangers, not even to say hello since we do not know if they are bad people, " Joe recited what his Mommy had taught him.

"Okay, sit back down and eat, then Bill will take you to school, " Cherry said sternly.

"Okay Mommy, " Joe said dashing to his seat and sitting down to finish his breakfast.

She turned toward Jackson, it was time for his lesson.

Glaring at Jackson, Cherry snarled, "And you! Jackson! Why are you arguing with a child? He is not only my son; he is your son too! Was it really so important for you to be the winner?"

"Well, yeah. He's not only my son, but also a man. So I have to consider him as a rival in love, " Jackson openly stated as he picked up another bite of food and popped it in his mouth.

"Could you stop behaving in such an arrogant way? He is just a child, for heaven's sake. Can't you give, even a little?" Cherry asked.

Jackson kept silent. He knew Cherry held Joe as her heart's greatest treasure. No matter what Jackson did, Cherry would prefer her son over him. At one time that bothered him, but now, he was fine with it since her son was his son too. Joe was their son.

Seeing his Daddy speechless, Joe smiled cheerfully, feeling like he had won, "Daddy and Mommy I'm going to school now!"


, right?" there was a fleeting flash of worry in her eyes as Amy asked.

"I promise! I will make 10, 000 promises, and I absolutely won't hurt you. You are the mistress of our family now and the rest of our lives, " Derek solemnly swore his pledge. Amy was the center of his universe, and from that day forward, he would listen to her.

"That's right, " Amy giggled happily agreeing with him. She nuzzled into his shoulder while thinking, that her life began in Derek's arms.

"Shall I share our good news with others?" Derek felt like he would burst if he kept their joy to himself and suddenly thought about telling Jackson and Cherry, and he wanted to share his news with his gifted sister and brother-in-law as well.

"Mmhmm... Are you going to tell Cherry and the others?" Amy asked him.

"Yes! Cherry, Jackson, oh and Selina! My sister will be so happy when she finds out!" Derek's smile was wide, as he listed off people to share their happy tidings with.

"How about you give them a call now? We can gather them at the JS Group and tell them what them all together!" suggested Amy.

"That's a great idea! I'll start making calls now, " Derek said as he took his phone out and began, calling Selina first.

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