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   Chapter 499 Marriage Certificate (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6227

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When Derek woke in the morning, he looked over and saw Amy asleep beside him. His heart swelled with happiness because the beautiful woman had become his in a real sense last night. As he gazed down at her angelic face, he felt the primal urge to protect and care for her and knew he would do his utmost to keep her happy in the future.

Amy was used to sleeping alone, and as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up, she found herself gazing into Derek's bright eyes and smiling face staring down at her, which made her feel nervous for a second, and then all she felt was a deep joy.

"Morning sleepy-head, did you sleep well?" asked Derek softly.

"Yes, how long have you been awake?" asked Amy.

"I just woke up, too, " Derek responded grinning at her.

"Are you busy today?" asked Amy suddenly.

"No, I am not busy today at all, why?" Derek replied wondering what was on Amy's mind. Why'd she ask that of all things as they lay there, just waking up?

"I don't have any classes scheduled for today, so I was wondering, would it be a good day to go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs?" Amy stated more than asked Derek.

"Now?" Although Derek had been expecting the time would come, he was at a loss for words and a little surprised.

"Well, not now, but later today, yes, " replied Amy.

The look of surprise on Derek's face was fleeting, but Amy had seen it and heard the hesitation in his voice, so she asked, "Is something wrong? Do...Do you not want to go?"

Hearing the disappointment in Amy's tone and the questioning look on her face, Derek hurriedly explained, "No, no, I want to, I'm just a little surprised. Yes, let's go today."

"Okay, " said Amy, a satisfied smile lighting up her face.

The three members of the Chu family were sitting around the table in their dining room enjoying breakfast.

"Daddy? Mommy? Who will be ta

ore handsome everyday. As she gazed down at him, Cherry knew her son would be a very handsome man in the future.

Jackson kept silent, had grinned conspiratorially.

Looking from his Mommy to his Daddy and back, Joe deduced that while his Mommy was acting naturally, his Daddy's wicked grin meant there was something they weren't telling him.

"No, look at Daddy's expression! There must be something, " Joe pointed at his father as he declared.

Cherry turned and saw Jackson smirking. Cherry quickly moved his arm and said, "What are you doing? Why are you making a face like that?"

"Babe, there seems to be something you haven't told our son, " said Jackson in a calm voice as he stretched, and leaned back in his seat. He knew Cherry hadn't told Joe since she just told him last night. His cute confused look told Jackson their son had no idea what was going on.

"So, there is really something!" Joe shouted excitedly. He stared at his Daddy, "Daddy, tell me, what happened?"

"Well son, do you remember our bet? Your Mommy is now mine, " Jackson declared triumphantly.

"I remember, " Joe said slowly as it dawned on him what his Daddy wasn't saying and whipped his head around looking at his Mommy, "Is it... Is it!?"

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