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   Chapter 497 Go Home (Part Two)

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They entered the empty elevator. The doors closed behind them and it started moving towards Amy's floor. Standing in this tight space with Amy made Derek nervous. He snaked his arm around Amy's waist, taking her in his arms. As he stared at her, his heart pounded. 'I love this woman, ' he thought. 'I love everything about her.'

His breathing began to get faster. 'His heart must be pounding violently, ' Amy thought to herself.

Derek leaned in, but before he could kiss her red lips, Amy covered his mouth with her hand. "Stop. There is a camera here, " Amy whispered bashfully.

Pausing, he realised she was right. He took a deep breath and relaxed his hold on her, keeping close but not in the position to kiss. 'Wrong place, indeed, ' he said to himself.

The doors opened on Amy's floor and Amy led Derek to her apartment. She unlocked the door and the two entered together.

Derek closed the door behind them. He grabbed Amy's hand, pressed her up against the door and brought their lips together.

'I have chosen this man, ' Amy thought to herself as she kissed Derek back. 'I'm willing to give everything I have to him.'

Amy sunk into Derek's kiss and the two of them enjoyed this perfect moment.

Too soon, Derek broke their embrace, but held her closer to his chest. This allowed Amy to catch her breath.

"Amy, " Derek breathed, one hand on her shoulder as he looked down at her perfectly beautiful face.

"Yeah, " Amy simpered tenderly and breathlessly. She lifted her head to look back up at him, seeing the eagerness and desire in his eyes.

"Well, are you ready?" Derek asked carefully.

It wasn't hard to figure out what he meant. Two young people in an apartment alone together, engaged to each other; what else would they do?

"Derek, " Amy replied.

Derek let out a breath.

"It's my first time. I am a little nervous,

ry reassured him. "Now, close your eyes and get some sleep. Don't forget to get out of bed when your alarm goes off, " she added coaxingly.

"Alright, good night, Mommy!" Joe said sweetly as he snuggled into his covers and shut his eyes.

Cherry felt an unprecedented joy as she watched little Joe fall asleep.

Once he was sound asleep and in dreamland, Cherry turned off the lights and left the room.

As she stepped out of Joe's bedroom, she saw Jackson. He was standing in the doorway to their bedroom, presumably waiting for her.

"Why are you standing there?" she asked in surprise. 'There is no need to wait for me at the door. I've got nowhere else to go, ' she thought to herself.

"You know why, " Jackson smirked at her. Taking her hand, he led her quickly to their bed. Jackson pushed her down on the soft bed and climbed on top of her.

"Don't do that, " Cherry said quickly. She put her hands on his chest in an attempt to push him off.

Smiling slyly, like a hunter who had finally cornered his prey, he responded, "You left me for so long. Do you really think I would let you go tonight?" Jackson readied himself to lose control. 'I've waited a long time, and now she's finally back. I can't waste this chance.'

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