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   Chapter 495 All Secrets (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6110

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"Derek, this is all I want you to do. I'll be doing my best to protect my family well in the next few days. If possible, I also want to bring Mond back into the Chu Family. No matter what Grandpa Andrew said to him, I want to. Jackson doesn't hate Mond in his heart, I know that. And that's enough for me. I want to find a way to relax their tense relationship. And even if they can't sit at one table together, I want them not to hate each other any longer, " Cherry said earnestly. She honestly didn't want to see the two brothers become enemies, hatred would do nothing but hurt them both. Mond had had a hard life, and so had Jackson. Now that she knew all this, she could stop them from tormenting themselves.

Eventually, Derek nodded in agreement. "Okay, Sister, I promise. I hope Jackson can be happier too. I will give you my word, so long as this decision will do no harm to Jackson and your family."

"Well, thank you, Derek." Cherry grew excited.

Derek's promise and her endeavour fuelling her, she tore up the test results papers before Derek. "This doesn't exist any longer, " she told him, focusing on his face.

"Sister, I believe you, " Derek replied firmly and gratefully. "But you should take good care of yourself first. Pay attention to your body."

"I know. I will definitely look after myself well in the future."

Later, once Derek and Cherry had picked up Amy, the three of them returned to Jackson's home together. Just as they entered the living room, Cherry saw Joe running on the stairs.

"Mommy, Mommy, you are back!" Joe ran excitedly to his mother.

"Oh, my sweetheart! Mommy's home now, and I will never leave you again, " Cherry promised lovingly, holding her little boy in her arms.

Jackson greeted Amy and Derek with a nod. "She seems to be in good spirits today, " he mentione

t I didn't treat you well, " Jackson noted aloud in a suddenly gloomy voice.

"No one knows better than you about how you treated me. You were so arbitrary. You got my ID card and household register, then we were married, " Cherry complained with disdain.

"What else should I have done except take the household register when we were to be married?" Jackson retorted. He was annoyed that Cherry seemed to be just making trouble for him, but happy because she was just so cute right now.

"Jackson, if you didn't force me to marry you with my household register, I would have had more chances for more blind dates and more handsome men. I could have married someone else!" Cherry replied proudly.

"Even if you married another, I would have found a way to make your name appear on my household register. You are destined to be mine, " Jackson declared loudly.

Derek couldn't help but laugh quietly. He still remembered the quiet girl Jackson met in the hotel, and asked him to find. Jackson had decided all the way back then that Cherry was to be his. Just as Jackson said, he had the power to have Cherry a part of the Chu Family. She had no chance to escape him, so long as Jackson wanted her as his wife.

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