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   Chapter 494 All Secrets (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6144

Updated: 2019-01-10 12:44

It was easy to understand Jackson's behaviour. He was always one to put up even the most desperate fight for the person he loved.

"Afterwards, Mr. Andrew sent out his people for information. They found something much more serious that could attract the public's attention. Using this information, Mr. Andrew directed his spearhead at the An Family, leaving Stephen's parents in the firing line. Military command relaxed their hold on the He Family case and Mr. Andrew used all his connections to exploit loopholes and legally saved Sally, " Derek continued.

"Sally was free? She got the chance to run?" Cherry asked, on the edge of her seat.

"Yes, sort of. Unfortunately, both her parents and Stephen's parents were still sent to military court. After that, the remaining He Family and An Family members vanished."

It had never occurred to Cherry that something like that was what had turned Sally's childhood into tragedy and completely changed Stephen's as well.

"Mr. Andrew made a flawless arrangement with Sally in the beginning. He sent her to en extremely remote and small place. If at all possible, she would never return to this city again. However, everyone overlooked one crucial yet small point, " Derek paused again to allow Cherry time to process.

"It was Mond, right?" Cherry guessed.

Derek nodded in confirmation. "Mond had already been watching the whole event as it unfolded. He used it to devise his revenge plan and Sally would be one of the people he would use in his plot."

Sitting quietly as Derek spoke, it became clear to Cherry that she didn't have that wistful longing to know all the details. At least she now understood what actually happened that year.

"After the accident, Stephen had been taken in by one of his relatives. By the time you and Jackson got married, we had found out Step

e for a small child. Every time I helped Joe fall asleep, I cried quietly. I missed Jackson and hated myself. If I wasn't so selfish and hadn't left Jackson in the beginning, Joe would have seen his Daddy when he came into the world. Now he's able to grow up happily with a complete family."

Cherry's revelation and realisation moved Derek deeply. "I'm so happy you can understand Jackson. It's what will help your relationship with him so much if you two can just understand each other."

Wiping at her tears, she looked sadly at Derek. "Derek, can you promise me one thing?"

"What is it?" Derek asked.

"I know you have a good relationship with Jackson, and you two keep no secrets. But, Derek, could you not tell Jackson I know this? I don't want to be a burden on him by making him worry about me. I'm clear about what I should do next, as well as how to love Jackson, Joe and how to protect our home. Of course, I won't mention these past things to Jackson, and then he'll never find out it was you who told me, " Cherry pleaded.

"But..." Derek worried. He'd never hidden anything from Jackson and didn't know how to respond to her request. He wanted to respect her wishes, but to keep secrets from Jackson?

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