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   Chapter 493 All Secrets (Part One)

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As he looked on her determined face, it was easy for Derek to understand Cherry's feelings. He'd already known what kind of moods she would have as a pregnant woman. And what happened five years ago must have ruined her life at the time. It was not easy for a pregnant woman to go abroad to make a living alone. Now that she was aware of the secret between Mond and Jackson, Derek decided to make her the exception. He would tell her everything she needed to know. Maybe it would help her to protect her family and her beloved well.

"Sister, " Derek spoke softly, taking a beat before he continued. "Actually, Jackson and Mond are born to same Father, but different Mothers."

"What?" Cherry frowned and surprise filled her features. 'What's this? 'Did Jackson's Father have another wife before?' she wondered.

"Has my Brother told you anything about his father?" Derek asked suddenly.

Thinking back to her conversations with Jackson, she couldn't remember any mention. She shook her head. "No, he has never told me anything about his Father."

Derek decided he would tell Cherry all the secrets. To give her all the information about what happened to Jackson, Mond and Sally that year. If Cherry listened and believed, there would be nothing she didn't know about Jackson.

"In those years, Jackson's parents loved each other so much. They were regarded as the happiest couple in the family residence. Jackson and I were only kids at the time, and didn't know much about the affairs amongst the adults. But one day, " Derek paused as he prepared himself for what he would say next. "I came to Jackson's home to play with him. I heard his parents arguing. Afterwards, Jackson told me they had been quarrelling for a lo

word Derek was saying was so vital to Cherry's understand, so she made effort to listen carefully.

"Before Mond could leave, something more serious happened to the family residence. The accident of Sally's family." As the words left his mouth, Derek stopped to look at Cherry. 'Perhaps this is what Cherry was wanting to know the whole time. She must be anxious to understand why Sally left Jackson and why Stephen would make Jackson his enemy, ' he suspected.

"What..." Derek was a good storyteller, able to make the dramatic pauses and suspenseful reveals. Cherry found herself hanging on his every word. "What happened?"

She couldn't wait to hear the answer and Derek was beginning to take too long.

"At the time, Sally's parents were found to have leaked military secrets, bringing serious consequences to the whole military region. Though Sally was still young, she was supposed to know something of it. According to military law, the whole He Family would be punished. But Jackson spared no effort to protect Sally. His Grandpa tried to dissuade him, but it was no use. Jackson had set his mind on protecting her, " Derek continued.

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