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   Chapter 492 The Talk (Part Three)

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"That's alright. I've got nothing else to do at the moment, so I got here early. Besides, it's not far from Amy's school. Once school is over, we can just walk over together, " Derek's voice sweetened at the mention of Amy. It was obvious that he considered Amy in most things and cared a great deal for her.

"Derek, I didn't expect the relationship between you and Amy to flourish so quickly, " Chery quipped lightly. She wanted to have a relaxed atmosphere for what she was really here to talk about so he wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.

"As did you and Jackson! Once you meet the right person, time isn't a consideration anymore." Derek smiled at Cherry.

"That is true. I'm so happy to see you so committed with Amy. Please, treat her well, " Cherry replied sweetly.

"That's for sure!" Derek agreed firmly. He paused as he remembered what Jackson had said. "Jackson told me you have something to talk with me about. What is it, Cherry?"

Once Derek asked, Cherry felt ready to enter into the subject. She glanced at her watch: there were still three hours until Amy was finished with school. That should be enough.

"Derek, I'm afraid that what I'm going to ask is going to surprise you. So, please, prepare yourself." Cherry felt awkward as she finally began to delve into the questions that had been burning in her mind since the test results came back.

"What on earth do you need to ask?" Derek smiled, but furrowed his brow as he asked.

"I asked Jackson to set up our meeting because I don't want him to doubt my intentions. I told him I wanted to speak with you about your relationship with Amy, but what I really need to speak with you about is Mond, " Cherry said truthfully, staring straight at her husband's best friend.

It wasn't hard for Derek to roughly guess what Cherry wanted to ask w

to admit it upon seeing the test report. Moreover, Jackson or Mond had much more right to decide whether Cherry should know. They were the two involved, not Derek. Derek was just an outsider. How could he tell the Chu Family's private affairs to others, even with great consideration? Even though it was Cherry, he still had to think hard on it. Cherry is the main person Jackson wanted to protect. This knowledge may put her in danger.

Watching his indecision, Cherry handed him another paper from her handbag. "Take a look at this."

Doubt filling his expression, Derek read the paper. Eyes widening, he looked at the woman opposite him.

"Cherry, are..." He couldn't believe it. "Are you pregnant?"

"Yes, " she nodded.

"What wonderful news! Why didn't Jackson tell me?" Derek exclaimed happily.

"He doesn't know yet, " Cherry replied, keeping eye contact.

His doubt turned to disbelief. "What's going on?" he asked. "Why haven't you told him?"

"Derek, I don't want to live like I did, struggling with my child five years ago. I want to protect my family. Mond is a member of that family. I want to know his history with my Jackson and the Chu Family." Cherry's face became hard to read.

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