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   Chapter 490 The Talk (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-01-09 11:29

Three days later, Cherry went to the hospital to get the paternity test report.

Once she received the test report, she took them to sit on the bench in the corridor. Her guess was right! Jackson and Mond were indeed blood-brothers. The papers in her hands confirmed as such. Why was she not surprised?

It was obvious now why Jackson was so tolerant of Mond, why he wouldn't retaliate or be hostile towards him. He had known Mond was his younger brother! As for why Mond hated Jackson, Cherry could only guess. Either Mond was jealous of Jackson, or he wanted revenge on the Chu Family, or both.

She recalled the huge bill she had discovered in the army residential compound. Had Mond been abandoned by the Chu Family? If so, why? Strangely, Cherry had never even heard of Jackson's mother and father since she married into the Chu Family. It was but five years later that she was taken to the suburbs to see their tombs. 'Could this be related to Mond?' Cherry wondered.

It had been a slow two hours as she sat and pondered on the hospital bench. Finally, she decided that she must ask someone if she wanted to clarify and know everything. That person wasn't Jackson, nor was it Mond. It was Derek.

Cherry was definitely sure that Derek must know everything. He was Jackson's best friend and they had grown up together. 'He's the most suitable person who could answer my doubts, but will he tell me?' Cherry worried.

That question burning in her mind, she gently placed the test report in her bag before leaving the hospital.

She parked at the gate of the JS Group Building and headed inside.

Once arriving at Selina's office, Cherry could see she was busy working at her desk. Cherry took a breath and walked in.

"Selina, " Cherry cried happily.

"Cherry! It's so good to see you here!" Obviously surprised to see Cherry

with Selina definitely put her in a good mood.

"Well, it's the truth! I've always been who I really am, from the first day you met me, Cherry." Selina played at holding her head high to amuse Cherry. She had been waiting to see Cherry's true happy smile. As she had expected, Cherry smiled, and they giggled a little.

For Selina, Cherry was like a special sister, whose unique temperament had attracted her since they met. She liked visiting with Cherry, because she was always understanding and thoughtful. Besides, she was tender, fragile and protective over Cherry. It was easy to hope for nothing but happiness for someone like Cherry. Especially having known her past, it was very precious for Selina to see beautiful smiles on her face.

The two women talked and laughed together for quite a while in Selina's office. Selina cleared her schedule and just stayed with Cherry. She was loving her time with her sister-in-law-to-be.

They chatted and laughed together until after they'd had lunch at noon. Cherry finally felt it was time to go, and she left the JS Group.

Cherry took her car to Jackson's bar, looking for her husband. It was fairly empty as it was afternoon. Walking inside, all she saw was Susan.

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