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   Chapter 487 As Close As Brothers (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6026

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When Mond got home later he saw Cherry sitting out on the balcony, reading a magazine. The way the sunshine shone down on her as she sat there gave the illusion of a dream.

Mond took his jacket off, hung it up and strolled out onto the balcony.

Cherry felt rather than saw someone was coming up behind her and turned around in her seat. She saw it was Mond and smiled at him, "Hello, you're home early!"

"Yes, are you enjoying this beautiful, warm day?" Mond asked as he sat down next to Cherry.

Cherry nodded, "Yes, it would be a shame to sit cooped up in a room all day when it is so lovely out here, " she asked, "Why are you back so early today? Don't they need you at your company?"

Mond shook his head explaining, "No, there's nothing serious or urgent that requires my attention there. I have other people handling things and don't need to worry about the office today."

Cherry nodded her head and went back to reading.

Mond offered, "If you are bored, we can go for a drive, " Mond didn't really know how to care for a pregnant woman, but he did know how to relax.

Cherry refused, "Oh no, that would be too much of a hassle, " she chuckled, in a good mood and asked Mond, "Well, now that you mention car rides, it reminds me of the other day when I fainted. What happened to my car?"

Mond replied, "I had my people send it for maintenance. Do you want to use the car? If you do, I can call and have it delivered." That day when Cherry fainted, Mond was rushed making sure Cherry was alright, and had made a call to have someone take the car right to a shop for repairs.

"Yes please, I'd like to go home to get some things."

"Go home?" echoed Mond. Her announcement threw him for a loop. She had just seen Jackson last night, and now she wanted to go home. Did she wan


Cherry closed the door behind her when she got to her bedroom. As she stood in the familiar room and breathed deeply the scents, memories flooded her mind. But Cherry decided to get down to business first.

Walking into the bathroom, Cherry started by examining a towel where she found some short hairs. After making sure they were Jackson's, she took out a clear plastic baggie from her bag and carefully placed the hair in it. Then she put the baggie back to her purse.

Afterward, she went back to the bedroom and sat by the window staring out at the scenery.

Sitting alone as she watched the world on the other side of the pane, it dawned on Cherry that she enjoyed the tranquil solitude and wasn't quite sure when it happened or why. Perhaps, her longing for a life of ease had to do with the baby growing in her womb.

As she gazed out at the scenery, Cherry daydreamed about what life might bring in the future. If her baby was the much sought after daughter Jackson wished for, and their family would be complete. Then again, if she had a second son, he might be as delightfully mischievous, clever and practical as Joe. She smiled dreamily at the thoughts swirling in her head.

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