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   Chapter 482 I Believe You (Part One)

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Jackson pondered over Mond's words. 'I understand how he feels. The first time I met Cherry, I was willing to marry her and be with her forever because of her irresistible charm.'

"Mond, she is mine, " Jackson stated resolutely.

"I know that, " Mond snapped. "That's why I hate you. Why do you get to own so many things? Born in the affluential Chu Family, you had an indulgent grandpa and then a lovely wife. When I finally saw your son, I resented you even more strongly. He is an adorable child with a pleasing disposition. You know what? He thanked me today! And he even called me 'uncle', " Mond told Jackson, trembling with emotion. Joe calling him uncle had touched his heart. It was the first time such an innocent had referred to him in such a kind way. He had never considered emotions and connections between people like that before.

In Mond's world, there was only what you were interested in and how you could use someone to get it. He had never believed in kinship or friendship. But today, that kid had called him uncle, in a wonderfully compassionate way, and had even shown gratitude towards Mond.

Jackson wasn't sure how to respond. He knew his son was polite and well-bred. 'My wife has been teaching him to be a good boy. I've no doubt that he would behave well in Mond's house. Now that Mond has been emotionally moved by my boy, this proves that he isn't an apathetic and ruthless man. He still has feelings, albeit ones hidden in a corner of his heart from all his suffering and hardships, ' he thought to himself.

"Hmm, perhaps I'm stealing your happiness, Jackson, " Mond gloated when the other man didn't respond.

Before Jackson could say anything, Mond hung up the phone.

Jackson remained seated on the lounge, grasping his phone firmly. All he could see in his mind's eye was Cherry: her face, her smile, her obedient looks and stern expressions.

Finally, Jackson decided to go to her. He stood, took his coat and grabbed his car keys from the tea table before leaving.

Running red lights the entire way, he finally parked within sight of Mond's villa, but out of sight of any occupants of the villa. He dialled Cherry's number while staring at the building.

Laying on the bed, Cherry watched her now sleeping son. With him by her side, her heart was warm with happiness.

Her phone began to ring, and she answered it quickly to avoid waking Joe. She glanced at the caller ID and saw it was her husband.


've been these past few days without you?" Jackson asked pitifully. "Sweetheart, when will you come back home?"

"Not for several days more. I'm not ready yet, " Cherry shook her head.

Cherry scowled and Jackson scrunched his face in worry. "Did anything happen to you?"

Looking into his eyes, she could see his worry. 'I can't let him know I'm pregnant. Not yet. What I have to do is more important. Besides, I have no plan for the future. I'd rather keep it to myself, until I find it in my heart to forgive him.'

Thinking that through, she gave her simple answer to the question. "I'm fine, " she reassured him. "If there is something happening to me, you'd know it. Wouldn't you?" 'He's always cared so much for me. He knows me well and I know I can trust him.' Cherry said to herself silently.

"Good, " Jackson sighed in relief. He stroked Cherry's face lightly. "Honey, if you meet any trouble, just let me know and I'll handle it, " he reassured her gently. "I will protect you. All I want is for you and our son to live happily."

As he spoke, Cherry raised her head to look directly into his eyes. 'His eyes will never lie. I remember every word he said to me, and I believe his words. No matter what happens, I will have faith in him, ' she promised herself silently.

"I know, " Cherry said softly. "But honey, " she continued meekly, "can you give me some time? I need to fix myself. When I'm ready, I'll return home. "I've been getting along better with Jean, especially now that she lives here. I want to spend some more time staying with her."

The mention of Jean gave Jackson a concerned look on his face.

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