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   Chapter 480 Why Is It (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6259

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Once the room was silent again, Joe shifted his attention to Mond. He watched as the man lowered his head and focused on eating, like it required concentration. Joe could only see Mond's forehead and his expression was but a mystery. It felt weird to him, that Mond was just sitting there, distancing himself from the rest of them. 'We're all in the same room, eating dinner together. Mommy lives here now. So even though I don't like him and he is hiding so many secrets, ' Joe told himself silently. 'I must respect him and behave well. Mommy has always taught me to be polite with my elders, even if I don't like them. I have to be a polite and well-behaved little boy.'

His thoughts no longer running rampant, he decided to speak. "Uncle Mond, thank you for letting my Mommy live here, " he broke the quiet.

Joe's sudden gratitude shocked both the Shen sisters. They shared a look before staring at Joe and then finally shifting their eyes to Mond.

Mond was also stunned. He raised his gaze from his food to the others at the table. Cherry and Jean were still staring at him in surprise. He looked at the cute boy, Cherry's boy. He briefly wondered if he had misheard. 'Did he just... thank me?' Mond puzzled in his head.

Thinking quickly, Mond responded flatly: "It's okay. Anyway, your Mommy's living here doesn't bother me at all, so she can live here as long as she likes. I don't care either way."

"Well, can I visit my Mommy here sometimes?" Joe asked anxiously awaiting the answer.

"Yes, " Mond nodded.

Joe turned to his mother excitedly. "Mommy, do you hear that?" he shouted happily. "I can visit you here a lot!"

Unfortunately, Cherry didn't share her son's excitement. She chewed her food, considering her words. "Joe, Mommy only lives here for the time being. I will be going back home after some time, " she explained lightly. "If I miss

ng her attention. "Did you know who Daddy was and how much power his family has over our city, when you married him?"

"Well, yes, " she replied. "I knew."

"Then, Mommy, you can't be a coward now. You have to face up to everyone. You had to know this when you decided to marry Daddy. I know you love Daddy. Why don't you gather up your courage and defeat everyone who wants to get involved with our family?" Joe was firm and unbending as he spoke, not unlike Jackson when he set his mind to something. "Daddy is a very attractive man and it's not going to be just Sally who wants him. You have to drive them all away and protect our family." Joe wanted to protect his mother and family too. His mother was so depressed and sad, and he couldn't stand it. He was very young and couldn't do much to help, but he could do this. He could think quickly and was smart as a whip. He could help his Mommy figure out how to deal with her troubles.

"Joe, " Cherry sputtered, taken aback. She had never thought her little boy could have spoken like that. She had trouble with confidence in herself, and didn't know what to do to deal with the troubles she faced, but her son's speech gave her newfound hope. How could she keep trying to escape reality?

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