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   Chapter 478 We Are The Same (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-01-06 05:17

A deep, long breath helped him to adjust his emotions and he went to the windows. He removed his coat and gazed at the scenery beyond the glass. His emotions in check now, he wondered whether he should go on with his plan. Now, Cherry was pregnant and Jackson had never hated him. Should Mond still go on taking his revenge? Was it still meaningful for him to take revenge? No one would play the game with him anymore, how would he choose his next move?

Mond was sure when he assumed that Jackson didn't spirit Cherry away wasn't because Jackson cared so little for his wife. Instead it was because Jackson knew Mond too well, believing that Mond would never hurt Cherry. Once Sally had left, Cherry was indeed safe here. If anyone else had imprisoned Cherry, Jackson would have come to her rescue at once.

Barely able to contain his eagerness, Joe ran into Mond's house once Jean had opened the door. Joe ran to Cherry, crying cheerfully: "Mommy, Mommy!"

"Joe, Mommy's right here, " Cherry turned to see her beautiful son running towards her. She almost cried with happiness at seeing him.

Jackson and Cherry's son finally reached his Mommy and hugged her tightly. She squeezed back and the two of them enjoyed the warmth of each other's embrace.

"Mommy, why won't you come back home?" Joe asked, a small hint of whining to his voice. "I miss you so much!"

"Oh, darling, Mommy misses you too. That's why I asked Aunt Jean to drive you here. You're going to stay here with me tonight, " she told her boy, kissing his head.

"That's excellent. If I'm with you, Mommy, anywhere is okay, " Joe looked up at her, happiness reaching even the furthest corners of his face.

He snuggled against his mother for a while. When he finally left her embrace, he began to look around this house he had been taken to. The decorations amazed him and he studied them in wonder. "Mommy, it's as beautiful as our house."

"Joe, this is Uncle Mond's house, " Cherry explained.

"I know, " Joe nodded. "Aunt Jean told me on the way here. This house is great."

Mond, this time in a new shirt, returned down the stairs.

"Joe, please greet Uncle Mond, " Cherry directed. She believed children should be polite to adults, no matter what was going on between the adults. Even though there were conflicts with Mond, that was nothing to do with Joe

out it with a clear mind and then make a decision.

"Mond, I don't know what you've suffered. But I want to advice you to let the bad things go. Keeping them in your mind does no good, " she spoke softly and comfortingly. She wanted to help him realise there will be many good days waiting for him in the future, so he shouldn't live in the darkness of hatred anymore.

Anger flashing in his eyes, Mond turned violently to Jean. "Jean Shen, " he shouted, "You're in no position to lecture me!"

Jean shrank a little and sighed. "I don't aim to lecture you. I just want to share my feelings with you, because I have also suffered the sadness of this kind. I hope that you don't experience it again."

"You may have suffered something, but our experiences are different! Never try to persuade me again, " Mond chastised her. But in fact, the iceberg of his mind had already melted and he wasn't as determined as before. But he wasn't willing to admit that. He could only rely on his cold expression to protect his weakness from being discovered by Jean. He wanted to forget the sadness. But how? What should he do next? Should he give up his revenge?

Jean eyeballed him. "We are the same in one thing in particular at least, " she said firmly, "I once hated Cherry, as you hate Jackson now!"

As soon as she finished talking, Mond fixated on her. He had known that Jean knew something about him. After all, no matter how well he pretended, there were still flaws in his performance. But he was still shocked that she could understand his inner thoughts.

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