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   Chapter 474 Why Did You Fight To Save Me Then (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7953

Updated: 2019-01-06 00:08

"You....." Sally was suddenly at a loss for what to say. Every sentence Cherry said was true. They had gotten married five years ago, when Cherry was young but beautiful, and now she was even more beautiful than before. They did have a child. In the past five years, Sally had known Jackson's principles and practices. No woman could get close to him. Cherry's name had never been removed from the Chu Family's household register. Sally knew all of this and she knew Cherry was telling the truth. But in the face of these facts, how did her love measure up? Why did she appear so miserable compared to them?

Jackson walked over to Cherry and put his arms around her, acting very protective of her.

Cherry was grateful for Jackson's support. She felt as though she had won as she watched Sally's face gradually fall. Cherry felt inferior around Sally at one time, and would have never dared to confront Sally like this face to face. But in that moment, Cherry was feeling satisfied and happy. She was finally confident in front of Sally and no long saw Sally as a rival for her husband's love. It didn't matter that Sally loved Jackson, Sally couldn't destroy her family because Cherry was strong of mind and knew how to stand up for those she loved, to protect her family, and her child.

"Sally, do you see? We love each other, " bragged Cherry showing off. Now that she was able to, Cherry wanted to get back what she had suffered over the past few years. She wanted Sally to understand that it was Cherry, not Sally, who had been with Jackson all these years.

Sally was totally speechless.

Turning to Jackson, Cherry gazed at him, and waited till he was looking down at her before Cherry said softly, "Husband, since Sally is unwilling to leave, don't force her. I know where your heart lay and I know our son and I are always in your heart. I believe in you. And I love you, like always."

No further explanation was needed, Cherry's words were warm, and made sense right then. As long as she trusted him, he didn't need anything else.

"Alright, you are part of my heart, babe, " Jackson playfully teased. He touched Cherry's hair lightly, knowing he would always love Cherry with all his heart and soul.

"Husband, Sally is still in a bad mood, please talk to her again. After all, you've known each other from a young age, you understand her and it shouldn't

ly gave Jackson a look of disappointment, "She means a lot to you, right?"

"Yes! Of course she does, " snapped Jackson.

"Then why did you save me in the first place?" Sally wanted to know.

"She wasn't in my life at the time, " stated Jackson. He had changed a lot after Cherry appeared in his life, which made the situation totally different now.

"If she hadn't appeared, would you still love me?" asked Sally. She could make Cherry vanish if Jackson would love her.

"No, my feelings for you would have faded over time even if she weren't in the picture. I wouldn't treat you as I did before." In his heart, Jackson was sure he wouldn't be in love with Sally like he once was, whether Cherry was there or not. After all, time changed people and feelings.

"No, you are lying! You don't mean that! Why are you lying? You said you would love me always! You saved me that year because you loved me!" Sally muttered as she started to become hysterical, shaking her head nonstop. She wouldn't believe Jackson's words, "If you hadn't tried so hard to save me, I wouldn't love you so deeply now. I love you with all my heart because you fought for me. You realize that? I think you're the only person in the whole world who has ever been good to me. I consider you my lover."

"Sally, we are not the children we once were, stop acting like a child!" spat Jackson. He couldn't seem to express himself with words now. The human mind that couldn't be seen or touched was complicated. He didn't know how to describe the feelings he had, or the people, and memories he held there.

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