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   Chapter 473 Why Did You Fight To Save Me Then (Part One)

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Bowing his head, Jackson sat with Sally in the private room, "I'll give you 50 million, if you leave, and never reappear in my life, " he offered.

Sally's jaw dropped, and she gave Jackson an incredulous look. She couldn't believe her ears, had she heard Jackson's words right? "Wha...? What did you just say?"

Sally shook her head. She wouldn't believe what was happening. Was Jackson driving her out of the city? How could he do this to her? Where would she go if she left the city? If she left Jackson?

"Didn't you understand what I said? If you are not satisfied with the amount, I can offer you more. I can help you get an apartment and a job, " Jackson didn't want to have to repeat his offer.

Sally jumped up suddenly and stumbled backwards. There were tears making her eyes glimmer as she stared at Jackson and asked, "Jackson, why? Why are you doing this to me?"

The painful expression Sally had told Jackson that he had taken Sally by surprise. Jackson stood up and stepped closer to her, but, keeping his distance from Sally at the same time. Seeing her teary eyes moved Jackson a little. After all, she was his childhood friend, even if he no longer loved her, he understood her feelings and he wasn't heartless.

"Sally, I'm sorry, I can't keep it going like this anymore, " apologized Jackson, guilt softening the tone of his voice.

"Is this because of Cherry? Are you making me leave the city because she doesn't want me near you? How can you do this to me?" Thinking of the past, Sally stared at Jackson, "In the past, no one could change your mind, not even Andrew, and he was the closest to you. Yet you make all these changes for Cherry?"

"I am willing to make changes for her; she deserves it, " Jackson blurted out his innermost feelings. He would do anything for Cherry. She held his heart and made him rethink his principles.

"Bah, " Sally sneered and suddenly burst into tear. Emphasizing her words to him she said, "I would do anything, make any change, for you. My only wish is to be with you, to grow old with you, to remain at your side, looking at you and loving you, do you realize that?"

Listening to Sally's resolve, Jackson didn't know how he would persuade her.

It was quiet in the private room. With neither person speaking, they were both lost in thought. Sally stared at Jackson, but he looked off to the side and wouldn't make eye contact.

Sally slowly walked up to Jackson, and suddenly wrapped her arms around Jackson's neck, and looked closely at the details of his face. From the time they were young, she could

't believe what she was hearing. This woman was actually so bold enough, with a look of confidence, as though she had always been superior to Sally.

"Sorry you and I love the same person, but, he is my husband and the master of our family. He is the hope of my child and me. If it's okay, please give up your hopeless endeavors now. He has a family and isn't single anymore. You should be kind. I believe in you and I know you will make a right choice, correct?" Cherry told Sally.

Cherry's words surprised Mond and Jackson. Jackson never thought Cherry would talk to Sally like that. She was brave enough to confront Sally face to face, and every word Cherry said was now engraved in his heart. She had said that she cared about their child, family and loved him.

It was then that Mond finally understood Cherry was a woman who would get what she needed in life. She needed to change, and become strong to face people like Sally. He couldn't believe the woman standing there now was the same vulnerable woman who he saw earlier that morning. But just then, she had no choice other than to be strong.

"Cherry, did you tell Jackson to send me packing?" Sally asked vehemently, "Listen, I grew up here, and you can't make me move! I won't leave."

"I didn't ask him to tell you to leave the city. My only hope is that you will leave my husband alone, " Cherry was full of determination, "My love for him is no less than yours. I gave him my youth, the last five years we have been married, and over the years we have grown together, and love each other. We have a child together, and my name has always been listed on the Chu Family household register. With all this, do you think my love is less than yours?"

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