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   Chapter 472 She Is Here (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-01-05 11:04

Sally was annoyed at Jackson's reaction to keep room between the two of them deliberately, but she didn't let him see she was upset. She moved closer to Jackson, put her hand on his shoulder, leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Jackson, why do you move farther from me? As children, we played together hand in hand. Why do you try to push me away now?"

"Behave yourself Sally. I'm a married man!" snapped Jackson as he shook Sally's hands off and gave her a stern look. "Don't move closer to me again, or I can't promise I won't lose my temper."

Jackson wasn't going to tolerate her behavior any longer. He had originally thought he could persuade her to leave the city calmly. But her behavior was disgusting him. 'If Cherry was sitting beside me, I would hold her tight to my chest. But this is Sally, not Cherry, ' he thought.

"Why? Why do you suddenly rebuff me? It's not like I'm a stranger. It's me, Sally He, who's in front of you! You risked your life to protect me, do you forget that? Why are you treating me like this?" asked Sally in disbelief. She couldn't understand why Jackson would distance himself from her. 'Why is Jackson refusing to let me approach him? I don't care that he's married. That doesn't matter. There are so many people married to somebody they don't love. As long as he loves me, it doesn't matter, ' she concluded.

When Jackson saw Sally getting agitated, he thought things over in silence, 'I can't argue with her, after all, I don't have what I want, yet. I need to talk to her in a calm, sensible manner.'

"After you get control of your emotions, I will talk you about why I asked you to join me, " stated Jackson flatly.

erry's question came out in a shocked voice. 'He shouldn't have entered the bar. If Jackson runs into him, they might fight, ' she thought.

"Jackson's not here?" asked Mond. In fact, he didn't need an answer, 'Well, if Jackson isn't in his office, he must be with Sally, somewhere close by. I'm sure Sally is here at the bar.'

"Hello, Sir. Mr. Jackson left a few minutes ago. Mrs. Cherry is waiting for him too, " replied the waiter in a respectful manner, because he thought Mond was a guest of Jackson's.

Mond's expression changed, and he looked torn and upset. He guessed what was going on, 'If I tell Cherry, I am not sure how she will react if she sees Jackson with Sally.'

"What's wrong with you? What's happened?" demanded Cherry. Noticing the look on Mond's face, she walked up to him.

Cherry sensed something was not right, 'Mond's expression changed when he was told Jackson wasn't here.'

Looking into Cherry's eyes, Mond wanted to lie, but failed when he saw the trust and concern in her eyes staring back at him. He sighed, his shoulders slumped as he blurted out, "Sally is in the bar."

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