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   Chapter 471 She Is Here (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6090

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"Cherry? What brings you here?" asked Wilson surprised. 'Why's she here at the H King Group all of a sudden? Jackson had searched for her all night because she didn't return home yesterday, ' he wondered.

"Wilson, I need to talk to you about something, " Cherry's voice was hushed as she spoke.

"Yes, what happened? Come here, sit. Do you realize Jackson has been looking for you all night?" asked Wilson with a concerned look on his face.

With a serious expression Cherry told her brother, "Yes Wilson, I know, but please, I am fine. Don't worry about me."

"You can't lie to me, Cherry! Look at yourself! You're pale, your eyes are sunken in with dark rings and you don't have the same fire you usually have. What happened?" asked Wilson. He gazed down at her with sadness in eyes, feeling badly for Cherry. 'She must be in some sort of trouble. Why has she chosen to suffer like this alone, instead of sharing this trial with me?' he wondered frowning.

"Wilson, I'm okay, really. Don't worry, " Cherry reassured him while thinking, 'I can't tell him that I'm pregnant and not sure what to do next. How could I protect my relationship with Jackson and not hurt anyone else?'

"Did something happen between you and Jackson?" Wilson asked tentatively, understanding so little. "You've been with him a long time. You know the sort of person he is. You should learn to trust him, or at the very least give him a chance to explain things to you, " Wilson said in defense of Jackson.

Wilson reasoned, 'Jackson is a self-disciplined and trustworthy man. He would never cheat on his wife.'

Cherry remained quiet.

Wilson continued, "Cherry, if you are upset, you should go to Jackson so the two of you can discuss the problems and resolve them, after all, he is your husband. There is nothing that the two of

o see me?'

Wilson picked up the phone and dialed Jackson's number, letting it ring for a while, but, eventually, he gave up when no one answered. 'He must be busy right now, ' he decided as he clicked the phone off and turned his attention to the work on his desk.

In a VIP room at the bar, Jackson sat alone waiting for Sally. He poured himself a glass of wine, and sipped at it slowly. 'This time, I need to tell Sally to leave. I can't let her ruin my life with Cherry. For her, I can make Sally leave the city, ' Jackson decided mentally.

The door opened suddenly, and Sally waltzed in dressed fashionably and carrying a handbag. When she saw Jackson sitting alone on the sofa, Sally was thrilled, dropped her purse on a table and sidled up next to him.

As soon as Sally was sitting down, she took Jackson's hand, smiled brightly and asked, "Jackson, were you waiting for me?"

It was Obvious that while Sally was surprised she was also overjoyed, 'Jackson never treated me this well before. But, now he sits here waiting for me. My happiness is beyond words, ' she mused.

"Yes, I was. I have something to tell you, " he replied and pulled his hand out of Sally's as he scooched away from her.

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