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   Chapter 470 She Is Here (Part One)

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Jean's words resounded in Mond's ears. He was aware that the relationship between Jackson and Cherry was hard to destroy. Cherry's love for Jackson was everlasting. Although she had never confessed her feelings, he knew that deep down she loved him.

Turning to Jean, Mond asked, "Is it difficult to win her heart?"

When Jean saw the affection in Mond's eyes, she knew he'd fallen for Cherry already. Jean sighed, and gave him a vague response.

"At one time I believed I would be able to win John's heart if he and I made love. But I found out after the fact that I was very wrong. Even though I slept with him, he still loved Cherry, not me. Perhaps he had eyes for only Cherry from the day they met in the college, " Jean looked away as she was telling Mond her story, so he couldn't see the hurt in her eyes.

After a pause, she went on, "Even though she is married, John still loves her, knowing how Jackson can be... Well, you know what I mean. Throughout the years, Jackson never saw other women, and holds Cherry above all. If Sally hadn't grown up with Jackson, she would have no chance in approaching him."

Mond remained silent as he digested what Jean said.

After a long pause Jean warned Mond, "Mond, don't play with Cherry's affections, or her heart will break and Jackson will come after you."

When she had said her piece, Jean rose and walked away leaving Mond alone with his thoughts.

The next morning Jean woke early. After she was dressed, Jean went to the kitchen and made breakfast.

Mond got up and walked downstairs. When he passed the guest room, he noticed the door was closed. 'Perhaps, she is still asleep, ' he guessed.

Rather than disturbing her, Mond decided to sit in the

made it feel, and soon Mond had parked in the parking lot of the H King Group office building. "Alright, wait for me here, please. I will make this as brief as possible, " Cherry told Mond as she got out of the car.

"Okay, I'll be here waiting for you, " agreed Mond quickly, 'I don't want to upset Cherry, as she has finally pulled herself together, and I'd do anything she asked, ' he told himself.

Mond watched Cherry walk away, then took his phone out and made a call.

"Hello, Mr. Mond, " the voice greeted him through the phone.

"Do nothing. The plan's changed. Just wait for my instructions, " ordered Mond in an imposing tone.

"Why not? It'll only take a couple days for this to be published."

"Without my orders, you will not leak it. If you dare disobey my orders, you know the consequences, " threatened Mond before ending the call. He stared ahead blankly as he waited for Cherry to return.

'Look at me, sitting here, changing the plans I painstakingly made, and all for you, Cherry.'

As Mond was sitting in his car considering the changes he was prepared to make happen, Cherry was walking into Wilson's office.

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