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   Chapter 469 Don't Destroy Her Happiness (Part Two)

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"Okay. Let Derek drive you home, " said Jackson.

"Yes, I'll do that!" happily responded Derek. He then looked at Amy, saying, "Let's go."

After they left the Chu house and got into the car, Amy saw that Derek was not in a good mood, so she gingerly asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just worried about Jackson. This wasn't his fault at all, " complained Derek, helplessly.

Amy didn't know what exactly had happened to Jackson and Cherry, so she just spoke her mind, "It seems that it is not as easy as we ordinary people expect, to live in a wealthy and influential clan. In others' eyes, Mr. Jackson is living a glorious life and he never needs to worry about anything. Actually, since I've known him, I find that that he is just like our common people who also feels pains and joys like every one of us does."

"You're right, " agreed Derek.

"I do think they are a happy family. Especially since they have Joe, what a lovely and smart boy! They should cherish each other and live happily forever!" said Amy.

"But things usually happen because of the people in their social lives. Especially the Chu family. It enjoys great fame in the city and no wonder troublesome things happen from time to time, " said Derek sadly.

"I know. But I feel that Mr. Jackson is a capable man, who can handle it. If anyone could resolve the situation, it would be him, " said Amy confidently.

"But there are always some tough guys that are hard to deal with, " said Derek. What could Jackson do with people like Mond? Stephen previously also had been against Jackson, but Jackson didn't worry about it at all. However, Mond was different. He was an evil person with malicious heart and his way of doing things was beyond imagination of Jackson and Derek.

Amy didn't say another word, but nodded lightly.

In Mond's villa, Cherry sat in the chaise lounge on the balcony, quietly looking at the starry sky, unwilling to go back to her room.

When Mond went down from the second floor, he saw that Cherry was still on the balcony. Worrying that she would be cold, he took the blanket from the sofa and went towards the balcony.

Mond squatted beside Cherry and gently covered her body with the blanket.

"Why not go back to the room? It's a little cold outside, " said Mond worriedly. After all, she was pregnant and she should take better care of herself. Additionally, she was weak and shouldn't catch a cold.

"If I can feel cold, it means that I still have consciousness, " indifferently replied Cherry. She finally decided to o

on the bedside, looking at her, blankly.

At that moment, Jean also walked into Cherry's room and saw that Mond was sitting on the bedside. She felt somehow happy and she found that Mond was not that cold and he had feelings.

Jean walked to Mond and in a low voice, said to him, "Let her sleep. Let's go out."

"Okay, " Mond agreed and then walked out the room with Jean.

They went to the living room and Jean stood beside Mond.

"If you've taken a liking to Cherry, you'd better give up. Don't even think about it. Jackson is the only man for her, " suddenly said Jean.

Mond turned to look at Jean surprised, but did not say a word.

Jean then continued, "Cherry will be happy only when she is with Jackson. We shouldn't destroy her happiness. I used to hurt her and all her childhood was spent under the shadow of hurt by my mother and I. It was not until she married Jackson that she finally got rid of the shadow, " Jean spoke her innermost thoughts. For now, she really hoped that Cherry could be happy. Perhaps she had experienced a lot and now she had realized something. Perhaps it was because of Joe, the lovely boy who had changed her worldview.

"It's really not easy for Cherry to be happy. She has suffered much in her previous life and perhaps God is fair and now she is finally happy. We all shouldn't destroy it, " Jean seriously looked into Mond's eyes and said, "You should know that it was impossible for Jackson to sleep with Sally. Everything was just Sally's own wishful thinking. Cherry is sad not because she doesn't believe in Jackson. She must still trust Jackson in her heart, but she also believed what she had seen and that's why it is so painful."

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