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   Chapter 468 Don't Destroy Her Happiness (Part One)

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Just as Amy went downstairs, she saw Derek's car at the gate of the community. She directly walked over and got into the car.

"I'm sorry. You must have waited for a long time, " said Amy, feeling a little guilty.

"No, it's fine. I just arrived here, " replied Derek, while driving.

Amy stayed silent.

Derek glanced at her and said hesitantly, "I'll drive you back after the lesson. I don't think Cherry is at home."

"What happened? Is she on a business trip?" asked Amy, surprisingly.

"No. Something happened between Jackson and Cherry and she left home angrily, " explained Derek. He didn't want to tell Amy the details because it wasn't his place.

"Did they get into a fight?" Amy was very concerned about Cherry, so she went on, "I can see that they love each other deeply. What are they fighting about?"

"Something happened and Cherry wasn't in a good mood, so she wanted to stay alone for some time, " said Derek.

"I hope that Cherry won't stay away for too long. Joe still needs her, " said Amy, worrying about both mother and son. It was very common for couples to quarrel and she hoped that the two could make up and get back together soon.

Derek didn't utter a word while driving the car.

After arriving at the Chu house, Amy met Jackson and greeted him simply. She then went upstairs for the piano lesson.

Derek and Jackson sat in the living room, both with knitted brows.

"Have you seen Cherry?" asked Derek.

"Yes, " responded Jackson, in a dull voice.

"What did she say? When will she come home?" Derek continued to ask.

Jackson shook his head and said in a helpless voice, "She was reluctant to talk to me. Perhaps she's still mad at me."

"Anyhow, you should bring her home. How can you let her stay with Mond?" There was immense worry in Derek's voice. Both he and Jackson knew what kind of a person Mond was. It was very dangerous for Cherry to stay with Mond.

"I won't force her. You know how she is. Once she's determined, she won't change her mind. Presently, she is unwilling to come back. If I forcibly bring her home, I am afraid that things will get worse. I don't want to irritate her, " said Jackson. He really loved that woman and wanted to respect her wishes. He could accept everything she did as long as she didn't cross the line.

Derek sighed, "Oh, how did things get so bad?"

Jackson was also lost in thought. He looked ahead in a daze, speaking his innermost thoughts to Derek.

"I can't deny that Sally has been in my heart for a long time. After all, we grew up together. Earlier, I recklessly resisted everyone to protect her. However, when Cherry appeared in my life, she cha

vious generation, why should Jackson bear it? Jackson could be hostile to anyone in the word, except Mond. He had always treated Mond as a stranger, not an enemy.

"What else should I do? I am Jackson, the grandson of Andrew. You tell me what I should do!" Jackson sounded a little furious and helpless. No one would like to face such a problem.

Seeing the fury on Jackson's face, Derek kept silent because he could understand Jackson's feeling.

Jackson walked towards the French windows and looked at the view outside, feeling distressed. 'Cherry, what should I do?' he thought.

Two hours passed and Amy finished the piano lesson. In a serious voice, she told Joe, "Joe, you have to practice what I taught you today. This is the most basic knowledge that you must get familiar with and master."

"I know, Miss Amy. I will practice hard, " said Joe.

"Good! Then I am leaving now. You can practice for some time, but don't play too long. An hour will do, " said Amy before she left.

"Goodbye, Miss Amy!"

When Amy went downstairs, she saw Derek and Jackson sitting in the living room, so she walked over.

"Is the class over?" Derek hastily asked when he saw Amy coming downstairs.

"Yes, " Amy nodded and turned to look at Jackson, asking, "So, how are you and Cherry doing?"

Jackson knew Amy was Cherry's classmate and she was very concerned about her.

"Yes, we're fine, " replied Jackson simply.

"That's good! Then I won't worry. I suggest you both calm down and have a good talk. You know Cherry well and I am sure that if you will give her a reasonable explanation, she will forgive you, " said Amy.

"I know. Thank you!" said Jackson.

"No need to thank me. I am Cherry's friend and I care about her, " said Amy. She turned to leave.

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