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   Chapter 466 Come Back To Me (Part Two)

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Jackson walked closer to Cherry, step by step, and finally stood in front of her. At that very minute, his mouth grew dry and he became speechless.

Mond stood aside and looked at Jackson, keeping silent.

Suddenly, Jackson reached out and wanted to touch Cherry's face, but Cherry dodged his hand.

She leaned closer to Mond instead. She couldn't forget what she had seen in the residential compound. That was her bedroom with Jackson but he had brought Sally in it. The entire incident had humiliated her to no end.

Jackson kept his hand stiffly in the air and didn't know what to do. Had she just refused his touch?

"Honey, " Jackson called in a soft and bitter tone. He felt upset on being unable to communicate with her through his body.

Cherry just ignored Jackson's words and existence. She looked to Mond and said, "Can you please get me out of here?"

Mond nodded immediately and they walked past Jackson, with Mond still holding a weak Cherry.

Jackson just stood where he was and didn't follow them even though he knew that Cherry was leaving. He knew she was not willing to talk to him at the moment, because she was furious with him. It was not the right time to explain himself. He knew that she was safe with Mond because, he knew the only person Mond ever targeted was himself. Moreover, if Mond dared to do something to Cherry, he would make sure that he reached a drastic fate. He would never be able to get over it.

When they sat in the car, Cherry looked at the scenery outside the window, not willing to say a word to Mond.

Mond kept driving, and glanced at Cherry from time to time. He wanted to say something, but he didn't know how to start it.

"We're going to my villa, okay? Your sister Jean is there. She will take good care of you, " promised Mond.

Cherry heard his words, but remained silent. She just looked out of the window quietly while thinking about how rapidly her life had changed in such a short span of time.

Mond took Cherry to his villa and as they walk


Jean knew that Mond was not lying from the affectionate look in his eyes, and she knew of his attitude towards Cherry well. She believed that he hadn't meant to hurt Cherry.

"Then what should we do now? Will Cherry live here all the time?" asked Jean. She knew it was not the time to blame anyone, besides, she didn't care about the grudges between them now. She only hoped that Cherry would be fine, and that nothing bad would happen to her.

"She will live here, if she wants to, but I'm afraid that she will get angry and not want to live here, " replied Mond.

Jean nodded. She understood Mond's concerns. Cherry would not be her usual self after all these things had happened; her emotions would be all over the place. Furthermore, her hormones would keep fluctuating.

"You need to take good care of her these days. She is very weak, needs nutrition, and she is not in a good state of mind either. You should pay closer attention to her and try not to anger her, " said Mond.

"Well, I know. Don't worry. She's my sister, and I know how to take care of her, " replied Jean.

Looking at Jean's serious look, Mond knew he need not worry about her attitude to Cherry. Jean had changed a lot and was different from the person she had been years ago. Maybe she understood a lot after having experienced so much these years.

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