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   Chapter 465 Come Back To Me (Part One)

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Mond waited anxiously at the door of the hospital emergency room, feeling very guilty about the mess he had caused. He was responsible for all of it and it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't intended to cause a rift between Cherry and Jackson. Due to him, Cherry had fainted and was now in a fragile state. She had landed up in the emergency room.

Drowning in guilt, Mond stared at the hospital ceiling in anguish. Maybe he should stop his thirst for revenge before something goes horribly wrong. He decided there were other options available to him. What if he had a calm, rational discussion with Jackson and sorted things out? Then, he could finally be at peace and the past would be the past. That would mean that Cherry wouldn't be dragged into his plans again and she could lead the life she wanted.

At that moment, the door of the emergency room pushed open and a doctor came out. While Mond was debating what his plan of action would be, the door of the emergency room opened and his heart skipped a beat. A doctor came out to give news on Cherry, Mond rushed to the doctor and asked hurriedly, "Doctor, is she okay?"

"Yes, all of her vitals are stable and she's also awake. You may go in to talk to her, " assured the doctor. Mond rushed into the room to check on Cherry.

Cherry lay on the bed with a pale face. Her disposition looked weak and she had no expressions on her face. When Mond came in, she did not even react to his presence and stared at the television instead. She blamed Mond for the whole incident though he had helped her by bringing her here. If he hadn't called her and told her about Jackson sleeping in the compound, none of this would have happened. Now, her marriage was in a place she wasn't sure it could come back from.

Mond walked towards Cherry's bed and worry bloomed in his heart. She looked very weak and helpless. He asked with concern, "Cherry, Are you okay? Are you uncomfortable now? Does it hurt?"

Cherry stubbornly ignored his words and continued her stare batt

it all again. She was afraid that she would be alone again during her pregnancy, with nobody to take care of her. She was afraid of the hard life of a single mother, now with two kids instead of just one.

"Easy! It's okay, Cherry, I'm here with you." Mond didn't know what to say. No words seemed to hold any weight in light of the gravity of the situation.

Cherry gradually calmed down, but she just stared blankly ahead, without saying a word. She needed some time and space to process her pregnancy.

After a while, Cherry and Mond walked out of the hospital while Mond supported her with his arm.

As they stood at the door of the hospital, Mond asked, "Where are you going? I'll come with you wherever you want to go."

Cherry continued to ignore him and gave no answer.

Mond waited for a long time and found that Cherry had no intention of answering him, he then looked at the line of her sight. Jackson was standing nearby.

Jackson didn't even get angry when he saw Cherry standing together with Mond, but just fixed his eyes on Cherry, realized she was pale. He wanted to protect her on seeing her emaciated body. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms, and give her all his tenderness. In this lifetime, he wanted to give all his love and tenderness to only Cherry, but the question was, was she willing to accept it?

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