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   Chapter 462 Never Let Him Go (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6932

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Jackson recalled what had happened five years ago. When he had gotten out of the bathroom and seen Cherry sleeping on his bed, he had gotten out of control and made Cherry his woman. He quickly got addicted to her and became infatuated with her body. He had tried all means to look for her and never expected her to be his blind date. That's why he got married to her so quickly. He was anxious to keep her at his side. He made her his woman on impulse, so he must protect her perfectly. Her past and those people who had hurt her had always been in his mind. Jackson promised that he would spare no efforts to make her happy and safe, but eventually he failed to do that and she left him. The moment he got the news that Cherry had left, he even wanted to kill himself. Cherry had already become a necessary part of his life and she was so important in his heart. He did not realize that he had gone far wrong until that moment. In the past days, he only cared about Sally's thoughts while paid no attention to hers. What kind of life did he actually provide for her?

Five years later, when he had looked at her in astonishment at the hotel, he couldn't suppress the impulse inside his heart and then started bullying her. He wanted to be with her so much and the idea almost drove him crazy. He tried all means to keep her at his side. The appearance of Joe had surprised him but made him happy, which encouraged him to protect his family and Cherry. He hoped that he could provide Cherry with a happy life, so that she would never frown or cry again. He hoped that she could feel tenderness every time she was held in his arms. Unfortunately, he didn't manage it. He wished he were an ordinary person rather than Jackson, it would've been easier for him to try his best to give an ideal life to Cherry.

Jackson lay on the sofa drunk, his mind full of Cherry's face. 'When did I begin to be attracted to Cherry? Was it the night I met her for the first time?' wondered Jackson.

The next morning, Cherry got up and went to Joe's room to wake him up.

Joe could see tha

Holding the phone in her hands, Cherry didn't know whether to go find Jackson or not.

But after a mental struggle, she decided to go find him. Cherry stood up, took her coat and her handbag with her, then left the office.

Sitting in his car, Mond gazed at the gate of the family residence nearby, and dialed Sally's number.

"Hello, what's up?" asked Sally on the phone.

"Jackson is in the family residence now. He is alone. You can go to him now, but Cherry will be here too in a short time. If you want to destroy their relationship and have Jackson all to yourself, it will be a good opportunity for you."

Mond hung up the phone after he finished his words. His evil plan was set into motion.

As he looked at the house in front of him, a small, unobtrusive, wicked smile curved Mond's lips. He was sure that Sally would arrive at the family residence before Cherry. If things went well, he would have a chance to see a wonderful family drama. He would let ruin befall Jackson's family. This was Jackson's retribution and he deserved it.

Mond blankly looked at the gate of the family residence, the smile on his face gradually froze. If nothing happened that year, he should also live there because he was an army brat too, just like Jackson was. But Jackson led such a happy life, which contrasted sharply with his life. How could he let Jackson go so easily?

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