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   Chapter 461 Never Let Him Go (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7146

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Cherry shook off Jackson's hands and ran away from the bar.

In the vehicle, Cherry couldn't help crying as she was driving. It was only when she arrived at a remote place in the suburbs that she decided to pull over.

Cherry couldn't hold back her tears. She didn't want to believe that Jackson had betrayed her. But a short while ago, Susan was snuggled up to Jackson so intimately, just like she did at ordinary times. How could she not care about such intimate behavior?

Suddenly, so many pictures appeared in Cherry's mind. She recalled John's betrayal, the scene where he making love with Jean, as well as Jackson's different attitude to Sally and her when Sally had shown up. All those things which she thought she had forgotten reappeared in front of her eyes again. Then Cherry began to realize that she had never forgotten her miseries.

The hours wasted away, Cherry sat in her car quietly, her phone ringing beside her. Even though Cherry didn't look at it, she knew it was probably Jackson who was calling.

Cherry ignored the sound of her phone. She didn't want to talk to anyone, especially Jackson. She just needed some time alone.

Far off to the West the sun was sinking, while Cherry had driven to Emily's cemetery. Standing in front of her tombstone, Cherry didn't cry. She came here just because she missed Emily so much and wanted to visit her.

Staring at the yellowed photograph, Cherry told herself that she should be strong no matter what. The good times were in the past. She should learn to be independent even if there were people she could depend on. Any of them could easily betray her as Jackson had and she would be left alone in the wind yet again. She told herself to have confidence though she was resigned to having a sad, difficult life. The most important thing for her was to protect her son well. After all, Joe was her sole family now.

It was already evening when Cherry went back home. As she walked out of the car, she saw Jackson and Joe waiting at the door. Paying no attention to Jackson, Cherry only focused her eyes on Joe.

"Mommy, Mommy, where did you go? Why are you back

d about these things when you took over the bar. The temptations of the outside world are beyond my imagination. I also have no idea about what kind of temptations are around you. I want to trust you too, because you are my husband and Joe's Daddy. But how can I forget what I saw with my own eyes and convince myself that what I saw just now is not true, instead, you are just playing games?" Cherry burst into tears again. Jackson was too important to her and she cared about him too much. The pain of the betrayal was still fresh in her heart. It would take some time for it to heal.

Jackson felt sick at heart when he saw Cherry's eyes filled with tears. And he was at a loss of what to do in this kind of situation

Jackson held Cherry in his arms again, stroking her hair to console her.

Much later, Jackson released Cherry and said in a soft voice, "Have some sleep, baby. You need to go to work tomorrow."

After that, he walked away from Cherry and left the bedroom.

Cherry stood her ground without speaking a word. She knew that Jackson was going to leave but she did not have the courage to call him back, feeling so confused about what to do next.

Cherry didn't know how she managed to get to the bed and lie down. She just kept silent, gazing at the ceiling.

Jackson drove to the family residence. He went into the living room, took out a bottle of wine and a cup, and drank alone on the sofa.

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